How Camping Camping: the Unwritten Rules

When it comes to camping everyone knows more or less what is important, what you need and what you can take to make your stay more enjoyable. There who camping outdoor, in nature, in mountain areas and also there are those who prefer the comforts of a campsite.

However, the camping campers have a disadvantage compared to the rest of the camping lovers: that they are not alone, but surrounded by people, tents, caravans, bungalows, etc… Things change a bit and there are a number of unwritten rules that you need to know to enjoy a few days of rest while respecting that of others.

The first thing is to choose the right place: the best place is the most isolated and least crowded. You avoid to be bothered by others to enter and exit their tents and at the same time avoid disturbing others for the same reasons.

In the same vein, it is convenient to choose one camping area that is not too close to the wellness facilities, i.e.: baths, showers, etc… Needless to say has should be placed away from the bar, to avoid having to listen to the constant murmur of people on the terrace, who come to eat, those who are playing cards with coffee and stalwarts who closed the bar racing until the last minute between drink and cubata, beers, or what is third.

The music is always controversial matter. Given that it is difficult to find the ideal volume for us and those around us, the best is restraint, use common sense and avoid at all costs the hours of sleep. Respecting the rest of other NAPs and evenings we will get a much more enjoyable living.

With respect to animals, if permitted in the camping (not always the case) we must maximise the maximum precautions: prevent our animals from invading the space of others is fundamental and our responsibility.

With regard to the use of public areas there is that forget about the concept of towel=reserve, and if you have to leave the hammock or on the terrace, don’t towel keeping you site two hours until you come back to appear. If you are, you’ve gone and it will touch you to search table, Chair, or what you want when you come back. At that time other people can enjoy that space.

And, finally, don’t forget the cleaning and collection of wastes. Leave everything better than you found it when you arrive and you always want to return.