Home Office Creative: Decor with Bumper Stickers

That’s what it is, is not it? Now imagine working from home and still have a decoration that is your face in your home office?

Nowadays it is much more common people who choose to have a  home office for the freedom to make their own schedule, to be able to give that famous break to the baby milk or to the nap after lunch.

But it’s not just because you work from home that your office does not need to be  creative and well-decorated. When the environment that inspires us, work flows and our creativity goes beyond.

It is thinking about this that we made this post with several references to you to see that: 1- you do not have to spend the  money that is saving for backpacking, you can  change it by spending a bargain  and  2- you do not have to tear your hair to think of something amazing, it’s like We always say here: small details make a huge difference.


This one is in all. There’s no bad time for  our little darling. It’s room, it’s bedroom, it’s kitchen, it’s bathroom and now it’s also in the  office. It is possible to make  monthly or weekly calendars to organize appointments or use it only for  decoration. Just use your creativity!


There are  small details that change the environment. If your  home office is not in a separate room, it is important that you decorate the room so that it looks separate from the living environment. These  simple stickers are the key to that. Take a look:


Another one that is among the ones desired, the  wallpaper made with  adhesive is  practical to apply, inexpensive and gives you numerous options. It is ideal when you have your own office environment. We’ve separated some  creative wallpapers for you to get  inspired.

Anyway , no matter what you work for, whether the office is small or large, what matters is that you  produce, work and get rich! (Hahaha) Joking aside, we at  Colanimim actually encourage  small business owners, artists, craftsmen, designers, etc. Those who choose to work with what they  love in return for living a life of much  personal fulfillment. And so let’s go!

Live the freedom of working in your pajamas!