History of Cartier Watches

Closed umbrellas, stowed the costumes in the tray and waiting for the autumn, there is nothing better than to plan your next trip. A destination to choose? I have no doubt: Paris, although you have already been.

And if you’re not convinced, today I’ll tell you a nice tale set in France, the history of Cartier watches.

Cartier watches history

Cartier is not just a myth of tradition, innovation and beauty. Well no, it’s also one of the rare cases where a maison that had sprung up to create jewelry, it is forwarded in the watch industry remaining faithful to the aesthetic canons of good taste, refinement and technical evolution of the product. Result not just and not by everyone, if you think about it.

I would also say that is one more reason to go and admire the shop windows of Paris its boutiques in Rue de la Paix, where Cartier moved in 1899. I confess, I have not resisted the temptation. But let’s go with order.

Once upon a time in 1847 Louis Francoise Cartier, founder of jewelry brand, who in 1874 took over from master Adeph Picard a watchmaking workshop. For many decades he produced mostly unique pieces purchased by members of the Royal houses of the nobility and the emerging upper middle class, almost always embellished with diamonds. But sometimes even that Cartier acquired the watches from outside laboratories and then decorate them with stones, creating original designs.

Cartier has always been a great researcher and solution design and thus in 1909 he patented the folding clasp for Cartier watches wristwatches.

The famous Cartier watches

In 1904 he made for his friend, Santos Dumont, rich Brazilian with a passion for aviation, a wristwatch that will carry his name and from 1911 he became a top modelof the Cartier Watch collection called, Santos.

The Tankis the year of 1917, whose line is inspired by the design of the tracks of tanks of World War I. It’s 1932 model Tank Basculante, while in 1933 is patented the famous model Vendome, with mobile lugs and Central attack. Worthy of the memory Tank concerning approval of 1936.

But that’s not all. In the years ‘ 30 Cartier manufactures for the Pasha of Marrakesh, who did not want to take off your watch in the pool, a locking system that makes the waterproof case. Thus was born the Watches Cartier Pasha.

We come to an important date: in 1972 a group of investors led by Joseph Kanoui acquires the Cartier in Paris and 2 years after Cartier London. Is a momentous turning point for maison that with its collection of Watches Cartier vermeil “les must de Cartier“, began a large scale production worldwide and creates a network of exclusive dealers. To this must be added the simultaneous opening of stores in major locations around the world. Result? Impressive increases in turnover and incredible brand visibility.

Believe me if I tell you that many would mention models, often with stellar prices between 50000 and 200,000 euros, it would take a post for each of them. I already know that my friend Nik would be happy!

But by the time we mark the Ballon Bleu Moyen, a watch that synthesizes harmony, simplicity and elegance. Sublime! The measure is unisex (diameter 36.5 mm.), domed case it tastes a little retro but at the right point, the dial is classic but refined. Not to mention the Crown: is a precious ornament pattern, allocated differently than usual and with a cabochon Sapphire that gives the watch an original and unique touch.

In times of little choices and precarious situation on all fronts, this is a watch for ever, at least that!

There is nothing to do, the watch world always has a magical charm, a charm indecipherable undiscovered mechanisms. And if you want to dream, maybe you can see in any corner of Paris Hugo grappling with a clock, and more.