Headphone Protects You from Distractions When Listening to Music

Device works as a filter for alerts you need to listen to while listening to music.

SoundBrake 2.0 is a device that wants to solve one of the main problems of headphones: distraction.With an ambient sound reading system, the device allows you to listen to music comfortably and at the same time be alert for important sounds around.

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The gadget is an accessory that connects to any handset to create an audio filter, ideal for those who exercise on the street and need to hear car horns, for example.The headset is pre-sold on the Kickstarter for $ 59 ($ 195 without taxes).

Small, the device is like an adapter that sits between the sound source (such as an MP3 player or your phone) and the headphones.By pressing the main button, the user records the ambient noise pattern and creates an interference jam band for the ears.The device only needs three seconds of noise recording to send the information to the micro controller that adjusts the headphones and creates a reference limit.

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SoundBrake 2.0 leaves all noises below this threshold inaudible, letting only what flies away from the pattern, such as screams, whistles, vehicle horns and other higher sounds.

The trick of the device is valid for those who usually run on streets with heavy traffic and also for those who are indoors, with fewer noises around but want to be alerted when needed.For this, the SoundBrake 2.0 features a volume adjustment system that allows you to set the threshold for sound passage depending on the need.

The design of the SoundBrake 2.0 is simple and features a sensitivity control button, battery notification LED, recharge via micro USB and support to attach to clothing.The promise is that the battery lasts up to 50 hours with a charge.

The product can be purchased online at the Kickstarter campaign website.In addition to the US $ 59 for a unit, it is necessary to pay another US $ 10 (R $ 33) for freight to Brazil.The purchase only comprises the sound filter and does not include a headset.The delivery promise is for December 2017.

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