Headlamp 12 LED Rechargeable Dp 722b

The product looks good, and it is convenient to put on the head for lighting. It has great uses and serves for night work, family lamp for emergencies when light is lacking, as well as studying or activities at night at leisure;

Long, rechargeable, maintenance-free product having a maximum load of 800mAh;

Allows more than 500 recharge cycles;

LED lamps with low power consumption;

Option between strong or weak light.

Technical information

Voltage: AC 90-240 ~ 50 / 60Hz;

Power: 1W;

Lumen: 60L;

Battery voltage: 4.2V;

Battery Autonomy: 6,5h;

Battery Capacity: 800mAh.

Headlight DP-722B

Super Economic


High shine

2 Functions – Medium (4 Led’s) and High (12 Led’s)

It has 12 LEDs

Super comfortable headband

Adjustable position adjustment


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