Hats to Use with Any Look

Do you know how to choose hats to wear with any look? Some hats can be considered wild of the guard of clothes of any woman by that they fall well with diverse looks and occasions. This accessory was once a must have, was long forgotten and now it has come back with everything. It gives personality and a lot of charm to the feminine look. Learn how to use this accessory and how to combine it with several looks.

Hats To Use With Any Look

It is important to mention that the use of this accessory is very important in a country like ours. It is essential to keep the skin beautiful and, above all, healthy. Beside the sunscreen, the hat, which could be even a simple cap from Threergroup.com, should be part of our daily life, especially in this season, where the sun is always there, ready to burn our skin. There are hats to wear with any look, check out:

Fedora Hat

The fedora hat is ideal for making various combinations because it is a very democratic model and combines with many styles. When worn, it gives the look an air of sophistication and leaves the look more bohemian. If you have a boho style, this is a great choice for you. Match the hat with long pants and skirts.If you want to leave the look more diverse, bet on a delicate dress.

Cloche Hat

It has this name because of its bell format. Cloche is a French word and means “bell”. The cloche has small flaps and is made of thick materials such as wool and felt, so they are great alternatives to compose winter looks, from classic to sophisticated.

Coconut Hat

The coconut hat has the rounder canopy and the well curved flaps. It requires style to be used, but if you want to create a more stripped-down look the model looks perfect. Use on occasions such as outings, concerts and festivals and leave your look, both winter and summer, with a more grunge face. To make a look with the hat use black pieces, but if you do not want to leave the look loaded, complement with lighter colors or stamped parts.

Floppy Hat

With large flaps and a well-rounded crown, the floppy hat is romantic and bare at the same time. Its hippie-chic climate brings to the look a touch of elegance. It is great for warmer climates, just know how to choose the model you will use. It also looks perfect on looks for cold days, with jackets and heavier pieces. The important thing is to combine it in an appropriate and balanced way in the look. To compose a perfect look with it, wear it with dresses. If it is cold, bet on the hat along with a fake fur coat.

Where Can And Can Not Wear Hat

The hat is an accessory that can not be worn everywhere. Therefore, it is always good to pay attention to the places that you can or can not adopt the accessory. The hats to wear with any look Below is a list of places to use and not to use:

Where To Use:

  • Daytime and outdoor events such as weddings, lunches, charity parties, teas
  • Festivals and shows that happen during the day;
  • Tours during the day on cold or sunny days;
  • Beach;
  • Field.

Where Not To Use:

  • At the table to eat;
  • Places closed like theater, cinema, shows;
  • Workplaces, unless it is a safety hat or part of the uniform;
  • Dinners or other events indoors;
  • In the church and other religious temples.

Tips For Wearing A Hat

Now that you know what hats to wear with any look , check out some regrinhas:

Oval Face

The hat should have proportionate flap and cup.

Rounded Face

The ideal for this type of face are hats with medium to high crown and proportional flap. A round-faced woman should never wear a cloche-like hat because it will round the face even further.

Triangular Face

Prefer to wear hats with smaller flaps and cups. If you wear a hat with large flaps, it will increase the disproportion of the top of the face with the bottom.