Google Wants to Do Away with The Bloatware of Operators with The Google Self-Installations Play

Google Play It seems to be the solution to put an end to the bloatware, those pre-installed applications that many operators put in mobiles that sell and then the user can not uninstall completely to free memory.

Google has reported on Arstechnica that interview with Google Play Auto Installs operators will no longer have to sell their mobile with your already installed applications of series, but that those applications endorsed may be installed automatically by Google Play when the user turned on for the first time mobile.

From Android 5.0 (Lollipop) devices will have a new Setup Wizard welcome that would detect of that operator in our SIM to show us a list with your applications so that they are installed automatically. Surely the user can decide whether or not installed applications of the operator, and which, as you can do with the new version of Android with the applications you have installed on other devices.

With this change operators applications are already installed as a normal application so the user can eliminate them completely, and not as now, since many just let us disable them because they are installed in the folder protected system, continuing to occupy space.

The first device in brand new this new configuration wizard will be the Nexus 6, in which it seems that Google will not allow operators to get factory applications, so they will be forced to use the new configuration wizard.

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