Google Play Copy Games to Kiosk and Also Is Attached to The Material Interface Design

Today we read about Google Play Kiosco update Material design, it was characterized by large images and adaptations to make reading more comfortable and easy as possible. The time is now for Google Play Games that has been updated fixing small bugs and making changes in the interface to orient it to Material Design.

We found these changes in the menus of the games themselves so it has not been a radical visual change. Even so, it seems a good step towards Material Design, confirming the good taste that has left these months with news that went out.

To update we have version 2.0.13 of Play Games, the 6.1.09 Play Services and Android 4.4 operating system. Is not the first application to start changing its interface already in some cases such as Chrome 37, Wally or Today Calendar they had already taken his step towards Material Design.

In addition to the visual change update 6.1.11 of Google Play Games improves the analysis of data from Google Analytics to provide more and better information to developers, In addition to improving the API of Google Drive making it easier to solve the problems between local files and hosted on the server.