Gold Ring, a Symbol for Mankind

You’re certainly in love with them, are not you? But do you know the story of the little darling of women?

The ring is a complement to people since ancient times. It is said that the Greeks and Romans began to use the ring from a custom brought from the  India, who used it to symbolize marriage.

For the Romans, the ring finger of the left hand, which bears this name precisely because it is usually the ring bearer, had a vein called the
“Vena amoris,” or vein of love, which was directly attached to the heart. Thus, using the wedding ring in the left hand, the finger on which the
Heart, showed the loving connection between two people.

Joining this bonding fact to the preciousness of the metal that was used to make the ring, the gold ring enters into the history of the
Humanity as a symbol, much more than a jewel, always reflecting something of the personality of the wearer.

The beauty of a gold ring can be more prominent even when on it is inlaid a jewelry, and any jewelry matches with the brilliance of the

Stories about the gold ring

With or without jewelry to adorn it, the gold ring , while only used as an alliance, was practically a certificate of ownership that the
Man had about the woman, symbolizing even the bride’s purchase and indicating that he had an owner.

The use of the gold ring was adopted by the Christian church, around the 9th century, to symbolize unity and fidelity among the
Couples, at a time when marriage was a must for the woman.

History has many superstitions about the gold ring . As an alliance among the Scots, it was said that a woman who lost the alliance
Would also lose her husband.

The use of the covenant, or gold ring , by the Hindus, comes from the circular shape of the ring, something that has neither beginning nor end, and it was said that he
It represented the continuity of the love between the couple, something that neither should have beginning nor end, and symbolized love, fidelity, complicity.

Even the word alliance, applied to the gold ring used in amorous commitments, has its origin in this relationship between man and woman.
Woman: alliance represents the commitment between two people, who must share the good and bad moments of life, always fighting for each other.

The use of jewelry in alliances had a very famous case in 1477, in Austria, with the present that the Archduke Maxiliano gave to Mary Burgundy: its alliance
Had a diamond encrusted. With this gesture, the Archduke began a tradition, that is, presenting the bride with a ring with a brilliant.When if
Wore a diamond in the ring, this increased the emotional value of the present, representing a solid relationship, such as diamond, that is resistant to
Extreme and that never falls apart.

The custom of using diamonds in the rings was also a symbol for the Greeks, who considered the diamond as pieces of stars that were thrown over the
Earth, believing even that they could be the tears of the gods when they wept for the men.

But the rings still have their origin even before the Hindus, in the Bronze Age, among the Egyptians. Many were found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, who
They had rings adorned with jewels, made of pure gold, with the name and title of their owners engraved on them.

Gold rings, among the wealthy owners of antiquity, were also used as seals to authenticate documents, which could not be opened
By the addressees.

There are many and many stories about the gold rings, showing that they have become part of the history of humanity itself. Over time, the stones
Precious stones used to decorate them and to value their presence in the hands, were also being worked and improved, for the greater appreciation of the
Set of ring and precious stone.

The stoning of the hardest stones, especially of the diamond, had its beginning in the XVII century, and this marked much the decoration of the gold rings. O
Diamond, for example, was not so labored before that, and it was only in the eighteenth century that the first was cut in the style of what we know today.

For all history, whatever the legend, belief or custom, what we should always take into consideration is that the gold ring , besides the
Beauty, has the function of symbolizing a union. Thus, to present someone with a gold ring is to show the person the value he has in the life of