Get to Know 12 Wallpaper Trends

There are so many different formats and materials that there is no denying: anyone who wants to decorate their house with good taste and without spending much should be aware of the trends of wallpaper.

After all, with a simple application on a surface you can transform any room with creativity and great taste.
But not only that.These models – which combine colors, patterns and unique shapes – are directly linked to the innovations and trends of interior design to renew, personalize and give a charm to each environment without giving up your preferred décor style according to ENTERTAINMENTDNS.
For this reason, we have prepared a special list of 12 simple and practical examples of this coating for you to know more about and use in your home.Are you curious and wonder what they are?Keep reading and check it out!

1. Gray and black

To start with the examples, nothing better than addressing one of the fastest growing wallpaper trends in recent years, and seeks to innovate how to use such a practical and useful coating:the use of colors as the focus of the prints.
That is, forget the figures, the symbols, the drawings and even the formats.Here, what really catches the eye and stands out are the nuances of strong and striking tones.
And what is the best combination to exemplify this than the gray and black mix, is not it?And if you’re afraid of darkening the rooms – especially those small and dimly lit – do not worry.
The variety of compositions with brightness and contrast gives space for versatile combinations that blend with decorative objects and colorful furniture, thus guaranteeing modern, exuberant and with a lot of attitude.
It should also be noted that gray and black wallpapers do not necessarily have the same percentage of the presence of both colors in the model.
In fact, it is possible to opt for versions in which one tone stands out over the other and allows the use of different decorative items in the color less present in the coating, creating an excellent visual balance, for example.
Finally, it is still possible to merge this trend with other styles, such as 3D and geometric prints, listed in topics below.

2. The Bronze

Still in the trends of wallpapers with evidence of colors, there is another example that draws attention and has gained a lot of prominence: bronze.
Uniform and monochromatic, this model can present several nuances referring to copper or even gold, either by intercalating them or by hanging to a specific tone.
The reason for this is linked to a real fever in the world décor and that gains more and more followers: the industrial decoration.
Inspired by the apartments from the 1950s to 1970s in New York City, this style seeks to recreate the spaces of old sheds transformed into real estate – with characteristics very remarkable due to the previous use of these spaces.
Among them are the earthy tones, the walls with a dense and dark color palette, wooden furniture and metallic objects in warm tones, such as bronze itself.
For this reason, this wallpaper has become a way to customize environments in this footprint.
You can explore – with creativity and good taste – this intense color beyond decorative items, wiring or electronic devices.Replace, for example, the walls of burnt cement or graphite gray by that tone.
In addition, this possibility of coating also harmonizes well in rooms with a look closer to the rustic style, if your intention is to create a room sober – but not less cozy, inviting and full of identity.

3. Geometric patterns

Geometric prints have become one of the great trends in wallpaper, thanks to the versatility of the theme and the variety of illustrations.
After all, you can choose between circles, squares, stripes, triangles, rectangles, lozenges, hexagons, cubes and other shapes that can bring elegance and personality to the most diverse environments – such as rooms , bedrooms, kitchens , lobby, etc.
And there are more advantages in this style: it is possible to play with the tonalities present in the prints to bring more color to the enclosure in which they will be applied.
Another reason, however, has made its use grow over the last few years: retro and modern decor styles.
In the first, these wallpapers refer to the striking features of décor in the 1970s and 1980s.
At that time it was very common to use geometric figures in a palette of colors with complementary or similar tones contrasting with the intense tones – like red, yellow or black – of furniture and especially household appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.
In the second, the use of prints seeks to create unique formats with angulations.The versatility of this style even allows use combined with another 3D wallpaper trend to give a contemporary touch to surfaces with the abuse of vibrant nuances and combinations with vintage reference furniture.
It is no wonder that this type of coating is one of those preferred by those who want to leave their home exquisite and cozy, but do not want to resort to paints, whether common or textures, because of the workforce and the effect inferior to that of paper of Wall.

4. Scandinavian style

It is almost a sin to speak of the wallpaper trends and not to mention the Scandinavian style – a blend of features of industrial and rustic decorations and a fever in interior design.
This is because this slope of minimalist décor seeks to optimize the rooms, both in the organization and in the arrangement of furniture and objects.This style of decoration is also an important aspect to be analyzed when choosing the flooring for your home.
And the reasons for this are many, such as the massive presence of white – or off-white tones – on wall surfaces, whether by wallpaper, apparent bricks, porcelain or paint.
Another example is the presence of references to scenarios of nature that bring the green as a counterpoint to the clear and neutral tone prevailing in the spaces.
For those who do not want to rely on the use of pictures and canvas to achieve this effect, it is possible to invest in some specific models of wallpapers and stickers for tiles , simulating landscapes or images and establishing a connection with the environment.
They can portray, for example, plant and flower species, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and valleys or forests.
With them you can create a complete or partial ambiance on one or more walls of the room and evoke originality and sophistication by harmonizing them with other strong features of the Scandinavian style – such as exposed wires and wooden furniture.

5. Coating similarity

Another model of wallpaper in high is what has as main characteristic the similarity with other types of coverings.And it’s not hard to figure out why, is not it?
After all, it is very common for people to want to renovate their homes, but they are in doubt about how to clad the walls of one or more rooms with originality and refinement.
There are those who think of stones , others of wood, and of course those who dream of a surface with visible bricks .However, all of these changes result in construction, dust, interdiction of rooms and, especially, unwanted expenses with material.

So, to avoid these inconveniences and still achieve the desired aesthetic effect, the wallpapers appear as the most practical, quick and effective solution.This is because they reproduce not only colors and formats, but also rely on specific texturing to promote a higher likelihood.
Another positive aspect is that the application takes up less space than using real materials because they increase the thickness of the walls and visually reduce the rooms – especially if they no longer have a lot of space.
In addition, in the construction of the brick wall, you are restricted to the earthy color of the pieces, and with the wallpapers you can explore different color palettes – ranging from white to gray.
That way, you can complement the décor style of your home, be it rustic, industrial or Scandinavian, with much more variety.

6. Metallic details

Another trend that promises to invade several residences – especially those with a more modern atmosphere – are wallpapers with metallic details.
They bring a number of aspects of the metal, such as aging and rust, into prints that look more like paintings, by the palette of simple colors and at the same time extremely flashy.
It is a great choice, for example, for environments with a cleaner footprint, with little furniture and accessories, in an inspiring and luxurious composition in which these items are valued and enhanced.
By opting for this alternative in contemporary decor, you will see the wallpaper become a key piece capable of completely revitalizing the place.
One of the characteristics of this model, which has pleased and conquered more and more fans, is precisely in the possibility of using the coating with a specific illumination – by means of pendants, floor lamps, ceilings or even lamps.
The reason for this is that any of these light sources promotes a lightness directed towards the wallpaper, so that the metallic details show a variation of brightness and contrast during the day.Moreover, of course, they give more prominence to the enclosure without becoming invasive or visually uncomfortable.

7. Stamping in 3 dimensions

In addition to the trends presented throughout this post, there is another you need to know!This option has a singularity that can completely transform your home: 3D.
This model has a unique and differentiated aspect compared to the others, thanks to the visual effect generated, which is that of three-dimensional figures on the surface of the walls.
This is due to a combination of factors, such as embossed drawings or figures, colors, different shapes and textures, and, of course, the graphics present in the material.
However, this is not the only aspect that makes it so special, since it can also mimic other coatings – and even simulate objects and landscapes – making your choice carton rich in combination possibilities.Everything according to the enclosure in which it will be applied.
3D wallpaper also has other advantages because of the optical illusion effect provided – such as the sense of amplitude making the spaces visually larger than they actually are.Another benefit is the opportunity to disguise defective walls.
That is, it works as a solution for those imperfected surfaces.That way, to hide the defects, it is not necessary to spend with repairs or even with manpower.
Therefore, 3D wall paper not only beautifies the room, but also renews your home, creating environments with a modern and personalized look.

8. Vintage

While this style is constantly compared – and even confused – with the retro, vintage is not just about rescuing different elements from other decades or centuries past and re-creating them in homes and apartments.
In fact, the vintage goes beyond, because it seeks to arouse nostalgia in the routine of those who adopt pieces or items with symbols from other times.
And of course, this trend also reached the wallpapers, transforming them into re-readings reminiscent of the style and refinement of what was once successful in the past.
So if you have an interest, or even a desire, to invest in this segment too, know that there will be plenty of models with rich details in an aged look and a color palette that varies between pastels, gray, green and earthy tones .
When it comes to harmonizing them with the furniture, there is no mistake: the balance between the modern, present in the furniture, and the vintage, present in the walls and decorative accessories, is the right formula to make your home elegant and charming.
So, enjoy and explore vintage paintings and posters, to leave the atmosphere of each room even more filled with memories and memories.

9. Indigo Blue

The models with the indigo blue tint are another example of the trends of wallpaper with focus on the use of colors.
One of the factors that put this color in evidence comes in large part from the influence of the Pantone scale.This brand annually launches the tones that will trend both in fashion and design – and this also includes interior design.
In 2017, for example, his card brought different nuances of blue, because this is the color associated with rest, relaxation and tranquility.
In addition, the indigo encompasses a possible variation of being harmonized with the different seasons, allowing to create contrasting environments of styles that dialogue with the contemporary, with the ethnic, the tropical, among others.
It is not difficult, therefore, to have multifaceted and full of identity.Another motif that leaves the indigo blue high among the wallpapers is versatility.
You can choose not only a uniform and monochrome model, but also geometric prints, 3D and vintage versions, that bring a playful tone and explore that hue with different shades and shine.
Finally, you can still blend this nuance of blue in the environment with other tones – especially those of Pantone’s annual carton, such as pale pink dogwood, primrose yellow and hazelnut beige – whether on walls, furniture or Details of décor.

10. Jungle beat/Tropical

On the other hand, the wallpapers with the jungle beat/tropical footprint, in turn, bring the exuberance of nature in solar prints, that is, rich in colors and full of life capable of transforming any space.
They are models that, for the most part, rely on the floral patterns of plant species typical of the tropical climate.Besides the flowers, they also exhibit animals – especially birds with beautiful plumages – and fruits that refer to the paradisiac and the unexplored.
And make no mistake: this trend is not restricted only to the balconies, balconies of apartments and spaces with gardens.Quite the opposite.It can – and should – be explored in rooms and bedrooms.
Thus, it is possible to revitalize and make these rooms more joyful and dynamic, bringing summer and the environment as inspirations for a vibrant and energetic visual construction.
The detailed decorative details – which are the decoy of the jungle beat/tropical – also allow to innovate and abuse a decoration with references to the rustic style, such as wooden furniture, laminate floors and small plants, present in potted or terrarium enclosures.
In addition, decor items – curtains, cushions, rugs, artwork, and frames – can be harmonized with the chosen print using a striking and strong color palette such as neon tones, fuchsia pink, green bud, The gold and the turquoise.

11. Marble Flooring

As with wallpapers that resemble some type of flooring, as presented earlier, the marble model is a fairly reliable reproduction of such a noble material – present in dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
This style can be represented by different patterns that seek to recreate the rock in its most varied forms, such as piguês white, carrara white, Baltic white, tropical green, ornamental yellow and even absolute black.
The proposal of this trend is precisely the will to replicate the essence of the item in other spaces that escape its traditional use, such as tables, counters and the like.
That is to say, the sobriety and elegance – which are the characteristics of marble – are taken advantage of in new compositions of environments in which refinement and good taste are fundamental aspects.
Outside areas and places of leisure and rest, meditation, study and even work, for example, can benefit – and a lot – with the application of this model.
In addition, places with an intense flow of people, such as entrance halls and corridors, are excellent for receiving marble wallpaper, creating ambiences that promote and stimulate well-being and warmth.
One of the advantages of this model that leaves him so high, apart from his already mentioned singularity, is his ability to harmonize with other coatings, especially the painting of rooms that brings off white tones and earthy tones.

12. TV Series

Last but not least, we have the TV series – which have always gained prominence in the decoration through posters and action figures.Now, the famous serials have also become a trend when it comes to wallpaper.
With the popularization of streaming services such as Netflix, the series have won even more fans around the world and have become a source of inspiration for the décor of the most diverse environments.
With this, the geek culture was also brought to the decoration, since many people started to look for an alternative to stamp the walls of the rooms of their houses with representations or elements that refer to the themes and characters of the series.
In this way, people feel closer to the universe and mythology of each title, whether Game of Thrones , The Walking Dead or How I Met Your Mother.
These wallpapers offer an assortment of references to favorite characters or favorite scenes, bringing personality and a good sense of humor to the place.
As seen, there is no shortage of options to repaginate your property with creativity and good taste.
All this elegance can be achieved by creating interesting environments with a mixture of decorating styles, color palettes, coverings and even references to your favorite programs.
To do so, choose the wallpaper trends you like best and give your home a new look!In addition to the novelty air, these coatings can be useful for decorating furniture or even hiding imperfections – and for a lower cost.
If you have any questions, have some suggestion of decoration or want to know more about the wallpapers listed in the post, do not forget to leave your opinion below!We will be happy with your comment!