Get Out of the First Fairphones

On Christmas day, rather on Christmas Eve, it was finally so far: the Dutch start-up company Fairphone has delivered its first Android smartphones to the supporters of Crowdfunding campaign, with whose help the Fairphone smartphones could be realised.

Fairphone seems worthwhile: the first production batch of 25,000 smartphones is sold out already since November 13, it is now up to the production of the second batch. The new owners of the first 1,000 smartphones were informed by E-Mail on Christmas Eve over the delivery of equipment to them. Then all devices with the new owners to be received until the end of January, said the company Fairphone.

The Fairphone less than 325 euros and runs on the Android operating system 4.2 jelly bean by Googl. It has some features that mini has the Samsung Galaxy S4 that gets her in the shop with a mobile finance with us. Much but wanted to and want to do different, fair Fairphone, than it does the competition. So, better working conditions should prevail at the suppliers and the producers of the Fairphones in China and also the wages of workers should be fair. The raw materials for the production should be also free of conflict mines and for the customer, it should be comprehensible, how fair the Fairphones is actually produced. For example, there all the info over the phone, the partner and where the raw materials and the built-up parts come on the website of Fairphone. Fairphone should have success with the concept remains to be hoped that other producers of it cut off a slice and also overall fair.

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