Gant and His Thousands of Colorful Proposals for This Spring/Summer 2010

Gant It is one of those firms that truly worthwhile to spend the money on them. Not only because the quality of their products is unbeatable (their jerseys are the very best I’ve seen in a long time) but because it is also a very elegant brand but but nonetheless falls into the temptation to make your models and assemblies classics and bland, they continually experiment with colors, new collaborations and joint designs. And the result jumps to the eye.

And for this Spring/summer 2010 We do not lack models that look or sets that rating. Color it permeates all of thousands of ways: fabrics drawings, prints, geometric games, vests, jerseys of point and even accessories have their particular form of honor which is perhaps the most colorful season of the year.

Let’s take a look.

The Poles they are undoubtedly the strong point of this season. Heat arrives and it’s time to save the jerseys in the drawer and opt for more simple and fresh models and give it some color to our sets.

The geometric shapes they succeed in all aspects: stripes are a main attraction at the poles and short-sleeved shirts, common, different colors or in degraded.

On the other hand, the more sober styles are committed to using bright and electric in their design to compensate for the lack of decorative motifs in their garments.

We have from combinations of White with pastel as the Roses…

…or the toffee and earthy

to combinations of several very disparate colour varieties to achieve one greater visual impact.

The Bermuda also follow the line of the rest of the collection: discreet, pretty colors and styles escaping of the chavacano and the tacky.

And finally a wide assortment of knitted vests, fresh salmon, violet and blue colors & #8230;

…or point jerseys, ideal to combine with shirts or t-shirts in basic colors and beige pants or dark, to finish with a nautical or sneakers in his absence but trying to not pifiar it at the combine.

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