Galaxy Note Points the Way between Smartphones and Tablets

Unit comes with stylus and a giant screen of 5.3 inches

The Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy line, is not a tablet and not a smartphone, but a hybrid of the two that can be very comfortable for those who complain of screens too large or too small. The stylus pen is a little outdated, but can be an ally to artists or to those who do not dispense a manual annotation and want to get rid of the pad. The device costs R $1760 and is available in Brazil. Check out the analysis.

In favour:
-Big screen, great for videos;
-Optimal size between tablet and smartphone;
-Battery has good length.

-Very high Price;
-Without HDMI connection;
-Not included in memory card.


Think of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and then increase it in your hand. This is more or less the face of the Note. The real “Itu cell” may look great in your hand, and mainly in the ear, but after you get used to the huge screen, won’t even connect to it.

The front is occupied by the screen, accompanied by a speaker, light sensors and approach and the front-facing camera, ending with a physical button between the two that touch are deleted when they are not in use. The sides, decorated with shiny plastic blue-grey, only the power button and volume. On top is the headphone jack input and an extra microphone. Beneath the microUSB connection, plus a microphone and stylus.

After we found the camera, LED flash, sound output and the back cover, which is almost a textured cone. Although large, is not heavy. It’s just 178 grams, no hassle of carry in the Pocket.


The great differential of the Note is on the screen. Are 5.3 inches Super AMOLED technology and 1280 x 800 pixel definition, capacitive and multitouch. There’s nothing to complain about a screen this size, and with this all glow. She is perfect for watching videos, doing video conferencing and also to make notes, as we will see below. The response of the screen is smooth.

Hardware and processing

For a big screen, a big processor. The N7000 comes with dual core 1.4 GHz chip ARM Cortex-A9 with 1 GB of RAM. A great set that leaves the Note for any function, impeccable without any choke. We tested the unit with 3D games, which ran without problems. In Quadrant benchmark application he received 1,111 3,624 points, more than the RAZR, Motorola’s flagship device, and only a few less than the trendy Galaxy Nexus.

In connections, the Note is well served as any Android: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct-technology that allows faster connections than Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS with A-GPS (has the help of cell phone antennas on location) and HSDPA. It is important to say that the speed of the internet in WiFi as on the 3 g, as well as the operation of GPS, is among the largest we’ve tested.

As for sensors, the package also is complete. Accelerometer, compass, gisroscópio (these three guarantees best moves to games and to the system), proximity and the barometer, which had only been seen before in the tablet Motorola Xoom. It serves to give weather forecasts more believable.

Operating system

The Android version found in Note is 2.3.5, one of the newest available before most current, 4.0. So far, there is no bigger than this update for the device. In fact, Samsung forcing you to register on the company website to check for any updates, something that no other company does.

An update to the new 4.0 version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich, is well expected. Samsung wont update as much as possible their gadgets, and maintains good relationship with Google. The Note has support for Flash and Java emulator.

The system, as always, is customized by Samsung. The company gives him a more colorful and dynamic, less geek. All menus have blue colors, and talking about them, the Samsung likes to put numerous customization and configuration options. For the first-time sailors, can be confusing.


Samsung always strives to make Android better than he already is. In the case of the Note, it would have to be good enough for your enormous size does not harm the use, and really did it well. Modified interface called TouchWiz, is already found in a number of other devices.

The Note brings some functions that already exist in the Galaxy S II as, for example, zoom in the browser with the use of the fingers and the movement of the appliance. Several other actions can be made with the movement of the phone.

One thing only–and, for some, outdated-in Note is what makes your name: to make written notes with ease, the Samsung put a stylus into the device. The pen is hidden on the bottom, and it would be a little better if offered a greater resistance to glass. A button it enables some actions via motion, turning pages, and open menus.

Pen of the Note can be used to draw on the device

She is identical to the stylus from the old Palms, with the difference that is special for capacitive screens, interacting only with objects with energy–as our fingers. Is the technology used in the iPad, for example.

Another thing, it seems, is becoming fashionable in Androids, is the Division of applications by groups, which in the case of Note are folders. With this Division, enough of the chaotic mess when the application window is transformed when the user has more than 40 applications. Separate content for folders is a smart way to fix the problem. If the user wants to, can also create multiple Windows and separate your content on them.


There are many applications on the Note. Some of them can be considered not very useful. But many of them are interesting. There are, for example, the AllShare to share files with other devices, the video Creator to edit recordings, photo editor, voice recorder and the Kies Air, to access the cell phone by the computer via WiFi.

The Google applications are also present, such as Gmail, Gtalk, YouTube, maps and GPS Navigator. Samsung put also the Readers Hub, which gives access to Kobo books, magazines and newspapers and Zinio Social Hub, which brings together various social networking accounts.

As there are a lot of internal space, Samsung already send this lot of things installed, which cannot be removed from memory. But, if you do not want to, put everything in a folder that the case is solved. There is also the choice, especially for use with the Stylus. There are many widgets, for fully populating the system Windows 7.


The Note is not a cheap device, but we expected a good camera in it. However, we were surprised by a great quality camera, which features 8 megapixel sensor. It’s not the most comfortable in the world taking pictures with a device as big and thin, but, as he has no dedicated button for pictures, everything works fine on the screen.

When the photos are very magnified, one can see that the quality does not compare to that of a good compact camera. But for photographs published on the internet, and even to a magnification 10 x 15, is very good. Colors and contrast are at a satisfactory level. With flash the colors get lost a little, but that’s normal.

Galaxy camera Note has LED flash

In low light situations the camera also behaved well. And the same can be said of the video, who obtained the same results as the pictures. In addition to the possibility of the zoom during shooting, the capture of sound has been satisfactory, since they are two microphones, one on each end. She shoots in Full HD resolution, but don’t expect too much of it. There is also a secondary camera in front, with 2-megapixel sensor, and serves well for video conferences.

As for functions, nothing innovative. We have autofocus, 7 types of shooting–among them the beauty, panorama and smiles–detector, 13 different scenes, three basic effects, Geolocation, and some basic settings like contrast, stabilizer, metering, ISO, white control and timer.

Music and media

In terms of audio, the Note play the following formats: MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3 and FLAC. The external sound is almost great. He’s tall and has an interesting, but as stereo sound output is very small and the speaker is not so good, the sound of Tin is inevitable. The audio improve a bit when we hold the appliance in your hand, but not enough to impress.

Speakers headphones us that Samsung send along, it improves. The headphones provide a loud and good stereo effect, but the treble is a little too strong. In addition, the headphones come with volume control.

Other music-related function is the FM radio with very pretty interface, it comes with RDS technology, that shows information of the song playing at the station.

Unfortunately the unit does not come with HDMI connection, which means that it does not send Full HD content to TVs. video formats supported are: MP4, DivX, XviD, WMV, h. and h. 263 264. In tests, the Note rode AVI without the need for external applications, but not lapped RMVB, MPEG and MOV. With the giant screen super AMOLED, watching movies is one of the best activities performed with the appliance.

Battery and storage

Galaxy battery Note, due to your big screen, until held. Using 3 g, GPS and WiFi, endured bravely for 10 hours. It’s not an amazing number, but it’s really much better than average. Still, it’s better to walk with the charger around. Without using much, spends a day with tranquility, even with wireless connections.

Galaxy battery note lasts a day in heavy use

It has 16 GB internal, what is a Lord space. And as for some that may not be enough–who watch a lot of video and listen to lots of music knows what I’m talking about–you can insert another microSD card up to 32 GB, increasing the space for 48 GB! Unfortunately, I already consider plenty of space, Samsung does not send extra memory together.

What’s in the box

As he’s not exactly a tablet, the Note is modest, it seems more of a smartphone. Within it we find the device, speakers headphones white (white?), USB cable, charger that works with cable and a manual fast. No extra accessories, no frills. Not come even a microSD card.

Who it’s for

The Note is a very good product and very comfortable, perfect for those who are looking for something not too big as a tablet and not as small as a smartphone. His great flaw is the price, similar to a cheaper model of the iPad, which may discourage some consumers. Other than that, it’s a complete and quality Android, a Clipboard with Wi-Fi and 3 g connections, to be used anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Configuration: 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen and 1280 x 800 pixels, Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 system, Dual core processor of 1, 4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 3 g.
Dimensions: 14.7 x 8.3 x 0.97 cm
Weight: 178g
Battery life: Until 820h in stand-by/To 2:00 pm in conversation
Items included: handset, battery, pair of headphones, USB cable, headset intra charger manual and quick.

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