Galaxy 10.1 Launched in Brazil

After almost a year of expectations finally Samsung puts its 10.1-inch tablet in the market.

From the first prototype to the final product were many modifications.

The main reason for several delays:launch a tablet capable of facing the iPad 2 leader.

For this, Samsung left the 10.1 thinner and lighter than the Apple tablet via Howsmb.

In addition, it comes with a package very similar to the other top of the line that run under the operating system Android 3.x.Almost all use the 1 GHz dual core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 and there are few features that can really differentiate from each other.

In fact manufacturers are beginning to realize that the main differential going forward is going to be the price.

Until August only with the plans of Vivo

For now – at least until the end of August – it will only be marketed through Vivo’s plans.With some custom settings.

But to confirm the value, Samsung started very badly (1,999 reais, 3G model).

With a 2GB access plan per month, the price of Galaxy 10.1 drops to 1,399 reais.But then you become “partner” of the operator.

It’s even better to wait for the Wi-Fi model to reach the shelves of the big magazines.Then we will finally be able to analyze its cost-effectiveness.