G5 Moto Is Seen in a New Blue Color Sapphire Which Must Arrive by April 3

The high ranges are carried almost all the flashes from the press but the medium ranges are probably those who have greater acceptance among users, mainly by its quality/price ratio and because mobile operators plans more easily. Not to mention that they are devices more affordable when you buy them free.

Motorola has been the King of the medium long ranges and now, when the competition is more fierce, has released the new G5 Moto and Moto G5 Plus for stand up to Huawei, Nokia and anyone who wants to stand before the range of Lenovo. However, marketed models have missed some color and it seems to be solved soon with a new blue color.

A third very sweet color

Lenovo decided that Moto G5 would arrive in stores in just two colors. Medium range terminal He made his debut in a dark grey color and another golden color, and left puzzled not counting press with a white color that previous generations had worn. Now it has leaked a new pigmentation for the outer shell of this bike G5.

The new blue color It has been seen in renderings apparently officers and be known as blue sapphire or sapphire blue, according to the source who has revealed it. It will be a matter of taste, but we can be to color most beautiful of the three although the information around its launch is not exactly abundant.

Gray, gold… and now blue

For now just know that this new bike G5 blue Sapphire is not available in the United States, but no trace of information about all other territories in which the G5 bike, because we include his brother major Plus, Yes will have presence. The clock can be seen in the render strikes on April 3, so we assume that it is camouflaged in the press image track.

There will not be any change in terms of the internal equipment, We will continue to have the same smartphone with 5 inch heart of Snapdragon 430, versions 2 and 3 GB of RAM and 16 / 32 GB storage, although not all configurations are available in all countries. We will be waiting to see what happens next on April 3 if award enjoy this G5 bike falls in our region.