G2 Mini’s Intermediary with 4 G and Good Configuration

Appliance LG has NFC connection and infrared sensor to control the TV.

A recent practice increasingly common among large manufacturers is to leverage the brand strength of a cutting-edge smart phone to launch cheaper versions and less powerful. This is the case of the G2 Mini (R $1,000), most basic version of the G2 smart phone.The appliance is not as powerful as the original, but G2 has good setup for your price and is a few intermediaries on the market with 4G connection. We’re going to test.

Tests on LG G2, S5 Galaxy, Galaxy Note III, Bike G, Xperia Z2 and other smart phones

In favour:

-4 G Connectivity and NFC;
-Wheel well the Basic apps and even some heavier games;
-By means of infrared sensor can be used as control of TVs.


-Camera a little lower than found in other cameras smarts intermediaries;
-Android greatly modified;
-Drawers for chip microSIM and microSD are difficult to reach and poorly signposted.


As with “mini” versions from other manufacturers, the G2 Mini is smaller, less powerful and therefore cheaper than the original G2. The size, however, is not as “mini” as well. While the G2 has 5.2-inch screen, the Mini has 4.7 inches.

In the back, another feature in common: elegance and lightness, and, in addition, an advantage. The cover, textured matte, adheres more to the touch than other materials more smooth and does not store the user’s digital brands. In addition, the Mini, it is removable, which certainly will please anyone who likes to have a spare battery in your pockets.

The rear buttons, which are a hallmark of recent cutting-edge handsets from LG, are also in the Mini version of the G2. Next, far too often, the camera is the key that turns on and off the unit and also the volume, which can be configured to function as buttons.

In a market that practically adopted a standard location of physical buttons on the sides, with minor variations, the rear buttons G2 Mini cause a certain awkwardness at first glance. There’s a button even in the places that we are used to find them.

However, it is possible to get used to the new. Of course, it takes a while for the user find a button on the back of the unit, area wider than the sides. But make a selfie can be much easier on LG G2 Mini, due to the natural position of your fingers when holding the device.

In addition, the lack of physical buttons in the common places is offset by the unlock screen technology called Knock Code releasing the button for this functionality. To remove the device from stand-by or unlock the screen is just repeating a pattern of rings on the screen. Is a technology also present in some models Lumia, from Microsoft.

During the test, increase and decrease the volume were not problem. To this end, by the way, the buttons were more intuitive, because when we hold a device horizontally (like when you see a video) our fingers are on the back.

To take pictures, however, you must first configure the volume keys, do tests and training, because either they work as capture button or zoom. The zoom function works only with the rear camera and can be a little tricky because while the appliance horizontally, fingers or are too far apart or buttons covering the lens. Better to use your own fabric to make the zoom.

The function of capturing the volume keys work with both cameras. To make a selfie on the ergonomics of the device is unbeatable: simply press the button to increase or decrease the photo is made. Horizontally, again, your fingers are distant or in front of the lens.


The specifications of the LG G2 Mini put in an intermediate category. The G2 Mini also has a quadcore processor (1.7 GHz Nvidia) and 1 GB of RAM.

Benchmarks tests that evaluate the performance of the appliance in compared to other, the LG G2 Mini fared relatively well when compared to its competitors. In AnTutu, the LG G2 Mini did 25,210, plus the Bike G and the Moto X, Motorola, for example, and slightly less than the Galaxy S4, a device that until last year was the top of the line from Samsung.

In Quadrant Standard were half 9,695 LG G2 original, but better than competitors such as Samsung Galaxy S4. In HTML 5, which analyzes Vellamo the browser, and in the Metal, the LG Vellamo G2 did 2,116 and 719, numbers more than G Bike, for example. In the Multicore got 1,350 Vellamo, again better than Galaxy S4.

The iG also tested the device in games like Dead Triger 2 and Lawless and, in scenes of intense movements, it was possible to observe some crashes, but in the images more stops, without so much animation, flowing well. Anything that compromises the experience that like to play on your smartphone.

The storage is in the average of this equipment category, but is not ideal. The G2 Mini has 8 GB of internal storage, but only 4.4 free to use. You can use memory cards of up to 32 GB to expand this value, but, as Android does not support installation of apps on the card, in case the user may lack space to download many more games. But for common apps from day to day, the internal space gives more than enough.


The screen is another difference in the LG G2 Mini for your original: aside from minor, she is qHD IPS, i.e. with 960 x 540 resolution. Very responsive and bright, she doesn’t leave much to be desired, but at times it may seem somewhat dark depending on your angle of vision. Its smaller density ends up leaving some icons less defined than in other fabrics, of course, but it doesn’t usually bother the very meticulous and perfectionists.


In times of smartphones with increasingly powerful cameras and even cell phone cameras, the LG G2 Mini is a little behind, not only of your original, like several others that are on the market. But, for an intermediate device, your role.

The rear camera, 13 megapixel camera, did well in the tests, especially in photos taken under natural light, but the colors are so vivid, seem “washed” as in the original G2. But the auto focus is good, even in motion scenes, and the software behind several adjustments to compensate for some absences. Plus already configured as Dynamic tone (HDR), there is also a Multi-shot mode and filter of Imperfection, which adjusts the brightness and blur effect. In addition, the camera makes videos in Full HD 1,920 x 1,080, with 30 fps.

If the rear camera can handle, the same cannot be said of the front. For a smartphone that has good ergonomics for selfies, is a bit disappointing to find a 1.3 megapixel VGA front-facing camera that makes pictures even more without contrast to rear and with many noises. However, it is worth remembering that the quality of the front camera is not a challenge just for LG, but for all manufacturers.

System and applications

The LG G2 Mini wheel 4.4.2 version of Android, the more found on the market and one of the more current, but rather modified. Release notifications screen of LG, for example, is the most complete found, even a little exaggerated.

In addition to shortcuts to common settings like Wi-Fi and GPS, there are several others. If the user likes the hand just what actually uses, you must edit the settings fast right away, or just the notifications will occupy the entire screen of the device.

Multiple applications of LG found in G2 has also come installed on Mini version, as the QSlide, which allows the user to open some applications in a smaller window on top of other open program.

The LG Backup, which allows programming the appliance to make backups of selected files, and QuickMemo, which let the user make notes in any documented or even a print screen of the screen using your finger like Stylus pen, also comes installed and are quite useful.

The version tested by the iG, however, brought too many applications Live operator, which demonstrates the freedom not only manufacturers, but also operators, have to change and customize the Android. Who buy a version without ties to operators should not view these apps.

For who is a fan of simplicity, the LG G2 Mini is not indicated, because the interface of the LG for Android is full of animations and transitions more playful and less straightforward that Google’s version, leaner.

Some changes on Android are interesting, like the possibility to choose the order of buttons (return, beginning, and recent applications), which in the case of LG G2 Mini are only virtual. However, other changes, such as turning the recent applications button and menu to other settings, the life is already user of Android.

To view open applications you must press the button for longer. With a simple touch, the Open button screen adjustment options and system, besides the possibility of adding applications and widgets. The widgets are another type of accessory that you didn’t have to come factory-installed. The device that the iG has tested came with five screens of applications and widgets, a little too much.


As your original, the LG G2 Mini did well in this regard in the tests of the iG . Like its competitors, the appliance lasts a day of moderate use and connectivity. In a strict performance test, with Full HD video in full screen, Wi-Fi and maximum brightness, the battery life was 6 and a half hours. This value is good, but not spectacular for a smartphone that in other respects is above their peers.


Very inspired by the original, your LG G2 Mini is a smartphone that is a little above the other intermediaries found on the market. Among the smartphones that cost around £ $1,000 he is certainly a good choice. The fact that 4 g makes this version even more attractive because the 4 g is not yet as common intermediate devices.

However, the photos without much contrast produced by the camera and the greatly modified Android system can fend off a user who’s had other smartphones. Now, if you like to do selfie, is certainly an interesting investment. The version that the iG was tested for only a chip, but the LG G2 Mini has the option of dual-chip now on sale.

On the market, some of the competitors of the G2 Mini are the Sony Xperia M2, the Motorola Moto G, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Lumia 625 (this with Windows Phone System). All have access to 4 g networks, above four-inch screens and similar processing and memory settings.


LG G2 Mini

Average price: R $1000 (unlocked)
Configuration: Quad Core processor 1.7 GHz Nvidia, 1 GB of RAM, Android 4.4.2, 8 GB of storage (4.41) expandable to 32 GB with microSD card, IPS 4.7 inch qHD capacitive screen (960 x 540) with 16.5 million colors, Wi-Fi, 4 g, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, infrared sensor, rear camera from 13 megapixel camera with LED flash and video capture in FHD (1920 x 1080) 30 fps front VGA camera of 1.3 megapixel camera, chip in standard microSIM.
Dimensions (cm): 12.9 x 6.6 x 1.0
Weight (g): 120

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