G-Star and Its Greener: Organic Raw

Without a doubt, the eco line in the world of fashion is more than just an ideal for companies low cost. The Dutch label G-Star Raw It has shown us that anything is possible with a bit of sacrifice and especially knowing where to give returns to their business and their quality controls to minimize the environmental impact derived from the creation of your garments.

The result of this ecological desire is line Organic RAW , in which you try to adapt the essence G-Star to a slogan more in line with the environment through a program that tries to use fewer pesticides, chemicals, water and energy, with pieces made exclusively with organic materials, thereby creating garments that respect more our environment but which are still 100% G-Star.

In addition this new line tries to focus more on the aspect ‘Inside-Out’ (in reverse), taking craft and architectural details that are normally hidden on the inside of the garments, such as seams, hems and linings, putting them in sight and giving them the importance that normally do not tend to have.

Finally, we see a fairly pervasive influence of the items of work and its inspiration for models that make up this new line (overalls, overalls, jackets for work…) in addition to huge details, as exterior front pockets and metal buttons well beautiful, while shirts are characterized by their elongated front pockets and buttonholes for vintage-style twins.

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