Free SMS All with Blau a Change from Higher Consumption Minimum

Blau, the twin MVNO Simyo, also announced to give a turn to the conditions of its rates on March 3 Although in this case it will affect both the current and new customers.

And is that, what better way to make a change in conditions that the claim of offering 100 free SMS to any destination every month but with the condition of raise the minimum consumption of 2 to 6 euros/month. The rest of rates would be maintained at 8 cents per minute and SMS (only in case of sending more than 100 a month) while calls between customers are 0 cents per minute (with a limitation of 10 minutes/call).

Although this change represent worst case conditions for some clients, it seems all right since at least now, Blau may highlight give messages and stop as well as overlooked by existing other MVNOs with very similar voice rates. If you like to send many messages, Blau can be a good option now.