Forever 21: Plus Size Instagram Account With Ashley Graham

Happy plus size. Ashley Graham now ensures global Vortex with her dream figure. The curvy model currently graces the cover of sports illustrated. The title was an absolute Karierrekick for many girls in front of her. Klum owes her breakthrough to the model superstar magazine also Heidi.

Toned body, curves in all the right places, naked skin, seductive look and sexy bikini are the hallmarks of all cover girls of sports illustrated. Ashley Graham has to offer all of this and just a few kilos more. Her Rubens curves merge with her flawless face to the dream girl that meets exactly the Zeitgeist. A sight where one easily forgets that she wears not size zero and clear evidence that it’s just the right proportions.

Forever 21 that offer a wide range of clothing and accessories in plus sizes for several years, took advantage of the moment to join Ashley one plus size Instagram account to launch. Forever 21Plus focuses on trends and Street styles von Stars and bloggers in oversize.

The video for the latest plus size campaign of of collection for spring 2016 with Ashley Graham we show you here:

By Ashley Graham, the story does not differ from the backgrounds of other models. She was discovered with 12 in a mall and even before she had completed high school, she traveled the world and shootete major campaigns for well-known label. She refers to herself as a model and body activist. Ashley fights that we release us from fixed ideas and focus on, what it means to be with every fiber of our body in any size woman. She says that she would like to change the global understanding of beauty. Women should learn to love themselves. True beauty from the inside is also the confirmation and the self esteem from the inside must occur when. -YOU’RE MORE THAN A SIZE!