Fly Fishing Meeting

All fly fishing and those who still want to become one, are invited to practice with fly fishing instructors of the European fly fishing Association (EFFA) on September 29, 2013, at the end of the season free of charge in small workshops, and to improve their skills.

The meeting will be held in the recreation center of floodplains in Hohenems(at). Intake is from 9:00. Participants in the workshops are asked to bring their own fly fishing device. Loaner is unfortunately only to a limited extent available.

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After the snow made the organizers a spanner in the last year, the meeting will be held this year a month earlier. Also a 2nd hand sale of fly fishing paraphernalia is new this year. With luck, you can catch a bargain. Who still fly fishing equipment, that he would like to sell, can do this on this day. It is asked to take contact with the organizer before.
10 percent of sales revenue be withheld and purpose related to promoting the fly fishing or for a water conservation project.

There again numerous Fliegenfischercracks and fly tier will be on-site and a colourful program with small competitions and demonstrations will await the visitors. Who would like to contribute yourself, whether as exhibitor, fly tier or helpers, who may sign up please also at the above number. Mike Häfele by the EHZ Rheinauen provides sustenance commendably again.