FLV Player for Android

Anyone who has an Android phone certainly has spent hours watching movie videos and series with the RMVB Android player we talked about in a past article. The point is that there are several video formats on the market and one of the most popular in the days when Flash technology dominated the internet was the FLV video format. Opening FLV files on your computer is very simple, but on the mobile it is necessary to install a specific application because there are always native codecs.

FLV Player for Android

But what is the FLV? FLV singinifica Flash Video and is the format used in the Flash version of Youtube and other sites that share video. If a video is downloaded from any of these sites, it will probably be in FLV format.

To run FLV on Android , good software is a Moai FLV Player. It has a 4.2 rating on Android Market users and supports a wide variety of devices. The only downside I’ve seen in this player is the Adobe Air 2.7 requirement that leaves the full installation heavier at the end of the day. Other than just having an Android 2.2 or higher on your device to run this FLV player .

The advantage of using an FLV player on your Android is that you do not need an FLV converter to convert the FLV files before playing.

It is heavy but it is one of the few that can run an FLV without crashes and without delay or delay in audio in relation to the video.

Considering that you already had more than 100,000 downloads in the Market with the note quoted at the beginning of this article, Moai FLV Player has a good reputation compared to other FLV players for Android .

Is that you? Use another program to play FLV files ? Does it work well on your phone? Comment and tell us the model of your device and the player used!