-“Hello, I’d like to a container of flowers please.
“Yes, they call me?
Well, I could have stopped the worthy photo of last December, but:

(1) it would be too easy and…
(2) as at the moment it starts to become really fun, so much fun together.
As I promised, causing my new collection of dresses noon, to show you this model Asos to flowers worn and I have only one word.
Well, in the meantime, I realize that it is not noon, rather length knees, but… it is triumphantly skin-tight and this is what interests us.
And I love his side 50’s housewife dingo allied to my incorrigible Doc Martens… The 180 degree turn dreamed after absolute sobriety of my little black dress.

As I spent some time lying since this fall, I especially relished each output, each confrontation with the world.
Dare the hysterical floral dress at 8 months of pregnancy is a joy that I recommend.
I wear it for two months, always in this way – that reminds me of this look, moreover – and she lights each time a glimmer of fun in the eyes of the people.
Atmosphere ‘ ah yes even when ” (or ‘ and if she lost the waters immediately?” ‘ “) So drama queen.
I already told you of Countdown at the beginning of my pregnancy. Here’s one of another kind, kind of “imminence”sign that envelops you like sonar.
The tick of the bomb is loaded, it’s over in six weeks.
The future will tell us if, how Blake Lively, I mother much earlier than expected, or if that Samantha Wennerstrom, I’ll do the pleasure until the 41st weeklast…
Personal message to Babybulle: I still have a final dress of pregnancy to show here, so if we split the difference, that’s okay?
Short coat / IRO (spring 2010), seen here
Snood / COS man (fall-winter 2011-2012)
Flowery pregnancy dress / ASOS maternity (and currently)
Sticky pregnancy 40 denier / H & M MAMA
Boots patent leather ‘Grace’ / Dr. MARTENS (fall-winter 2011-2012)
Lipstick stained ‘Chunkiest Chile’ / ‘ Chubby Stick ‘ clinic
Scent of the day / ‘Musk’ of REMINISCENCE