Best Quality LED Downlights

Be honest: A clip light looks but in 90% of cases always the same from! She has a light source – often with screen about – mostly a more or less long, pivoting neck and then the eponymous part: the terminal as a foot. Can there still happen so much new? – We say yes! And show to prove five fabulous clamp lights with LEDs that are available on!

Perfect For Bookworms

Straight LED clamp lights can also very small to be his, yet provide plenty of light – perfect so for reading ! Many designs are very inconspicuous and just silver and functional. This reading, however always a pleasure to conjure small mini lights in cheerful pastel colors guarantees a smile on your face!

Old Form, New Material

No real recycling, but a little refresher : That it sometimes already sufficient something reprint with only a small change, showing here. Because with the fresh material Trend Copper sees this otherwise quite ordinary Booklight same but much cooler out!

Best Quality LED Downlights

Natural Design!

Curved lines, living material – this clip light is actually more decorative than utilitarian object. No wonder that the lamp of wood has won the Design Plus Award for young professionals! And they do is really a handsome looker!

A Filigree Augenschmeichler

Where does the light and where does the neck? This inconspicuous LED clip light needs a second look at their beauty unfold – because at first they can be easily overlooked, as delicate as it is. Through this understated look , the light but really fit into any environment , whether Telefonschränkchen, bedside table or office!

Small Lights, Big Impact!

A bit of design know-how can very quickly a small, ordinary Klemmlampe the appearance of a large headlamp lend. This revamped lampshade so fits a small lamp in all prima rougher, loft-like living arrangements – whether Shabby Chic or Industrial – and can there dreaming of the big stage of life.

Who even more inspiration for LED terminal lighting needs that are anything but ordinary, this can be found here: