Fishing on the Rio Dulce

Fede Garat last week had its week of fishing, so after floating the oath I happened to find…
On Wednesday morning we went to the South. At one point we were in the heart Santiagueno. Sitting in the Na Candy Lodge, Vivi was waiting for us with a good stew while we hidratábamos us with a vial of Salta black! The second was to irrigate the lunch and we left pal River.

Had traces of which had gone up a little bit and was equally full of predators, was beautiful to fish, just a little north wind according to SPORTSQNA. They were not really active so we had to leave a little well in the sticks with Ututos, sink that obviously showed the best rivalries.
The last time that I was fishing in the sweet use flies, dark, eye of chain is sagging a bit and you can cast it away and with precision, but this time ninfeando chipped away a bit away from the clubs later heat will begin to bite to the touch, is important to the presentation!

The flies change especially if fleets or more valid that they are more light to still shots more long and difficult, to my clear flies and ututos I like the time of the heats! We spent three days of life Santiaguena, amaneciamos mateando, we went fishing, we came back to eat, beer, NAP and the river. Dinner, soup and bed! Dolphinfishes are not very large but if you are fat and bad!