Felt ornaments for baby shower

You can decorate your baby shower with very different and different felt ornaments, with the help of your friends you can save a lot of money on the decoration of your party without neglecting the good taste.

Felt ornaments for baby shower

The preparation of a baby shower is a special moment but also laborious. It requires that you attend to all the details to make the baby shower in a beautiful and special moment.

Felt embellishments can help in choosing the decoration of the party or in the choice of souvenirs.

Felt is a very versatile material and easy to make, with a little research and skill can be transformed into baby bottles, bodies, pacifiers and even babies.

10 Ideas for Baby Tea Felt Ornaments


Gift ideas with the shape of the baby’s foot where you can put a photo with the echo of the baby.

# 2
A very simple idea of ​​a badge for the future mom to wear at your party.

# 3
Idea of ​​baby clothes that you can use in the decoration of your party or else offer to the guests, can do in various sizes and even embroider the baby’s name.

# 4
Another very cute idea of ​​a felt ornament for your baby tea.

# 5
A mini slip on felt, perfect for decorating the diaper cake or for souvenirs.

# 6
Another cute and beautiful idea to decorate a baby shower.

# 7
Your guests will love this super cute treats. Can do with time and save some money.

# 8
Another idea for mini babies to decorate the party and make every detail special.

# 9
Felt can also be used to make a decorative panel.

# 10
With simple star shapes and hearts of different colors and shapes you can make a simple but very creative baby shower decoration.