Fast Fashion: Dresses for Summer and Baratex Bags!

After all the uproar caused by the launch of the collection of Pat Bo to C & A, we’re back to our regular programming of our findings. But for those who still dream of some kind of designer, you still have time to run to the Mall(here in BH found in BH Shopping) and find some models.

I confess that all the confusion caused by this announcement made me go away from the C & A and go straight to the Renner, and there I found parts nails and with a very good price. I was in love with this white vestilo at the entrance of the store. Good fabric, embroidery super well done and a great option for those who like to spend the new year’s Eve tidier. He leaves by honest R$189,00. In the bags I liked two basic black and menorzinhas: the Eddy current for R$99,90 and a laser-cut detail, Chloé inspired, by R$129,00. I managed to find a sneaker shoes abertinha for R$109,00.

Now, a question: it’s been a while I meet several scholarships in Renner for a steep price.Yesterday once more seen pieces that  are not of leather for almost $300! I found a price well impractical for a fast fashion, being a common purse, without partnership with famous designers or in leather. You also realized that?

In Riachuelo were also four great finds, and ended up realizing that the shop is  a great place to find beautiful shorts, every time I take my chances out there meeting different models and very cheap. This time there were two templates: a metallic echo leather, for R$79,90 and the other jeans with heart pattern, by R$69,90. Had times that I was looking for a sweatshirt and blazer this time found in the Riachuelo a cute model, for incredible R$79,90.I love this type of blazer! And the latest find of store was this ounce sneaker with leather, who goes by R$139,90.

Now Zara surprised me and saw there a  variety of beautiful handbags and enoooorme with a price tag of up to R$179. Of course there’s more expensive models, but the amount of models up to that price. I selected my three tracks: the structured black by R$99,00(!!!), an orange and pink portfolio for R$99,00 and also bakes bigger Green by R $110,00. Great prices, right? The section of dresses is also beautiful and I fell in love with two models. The first has appeared here in the white version, but I found this pattern so cute I had to share with you. Love this super feminine neckline in the back, I think it looks super stylish. He goes by R$159,00. Other model also comes in white and printed version(more vibrant than the other), and has a beautiful neckline in the back, by R$179,00.

In love with the findings this week: your dresses in YOUREMAILverifier.