[Fashion Week] The Best of Beauty! Day1

The biggest fashion week of Latin America could not have started better. There is still much to see along this season, but already fill the summer 2017 will be filled with news. Our countrymen gave a show in their presentations. Ronaldo Fraga and Luiz Claudio, 03 Apartment, left everyone speechless with such competence and creativity. Luis was chosen as the revelation in fashion by the APCA (São Paulo Association of art critics) recently.

And among the highlights of beauty, could not let these two fashion shows outside. We all close backstage, talked with the beauty artists and we solved the mysteries behind each creation. This season started hot–or cold, very cold backstage!

Starting with 03 Apartment, which had the expert Rodrigo Costa in charge of beauty. The collection was inspired by the famous magician Houdini.The beauty artist conceived a rereading of the image of women of 20 years. “Seeing the collection, the colors they called me attention. So I decided to bring a rose to the mouth, “he said. The color was total desire! Result between the mixture of Lip Mix in Magenta tones and Red, Mac, both with matte effect.

Apartment 03 Beauty–Images Marcia Fasoli/Ale Schneider And Paulo Reis

Another feature inspired by the highly successful period of Houdini was the eyebrows: “at this time the women very pinçavam. So I decided to delete the eyebrow of the models and kept so instead of redesigning the way they did in the old days“. For hair, Coke down flat with slight ripples in the contour of the face, made with babyliss. Oh! And five models had their hair cut short well especially for the parade. Awesome idea that brought modernity to the presentation.

To close the day (or night-the parade just after the 10:00 pm) with a golden key, Ronaldo Fraga showed – once again–that fashion is more than designing clothes. Is know to analyze behaviors and movements around the world. In this edition the designer presented us with your special look for the cause of African refugees. And there’s no more diverse and colorful culture that these people, who suffer so much, still preserve a joy. Thus, we saw on the runway a riot of colors and textures, which also brings the work of Marcos Costa for the beauty.

Beauty Ronaldo Fraga: Fotosite Agency Images

Impossible not to admire their hair, some with up to 30 cm in height, each january 1, but always with braids. “I was inspired in Mozambique who live in Lisbon to get to this result, they are practically sculptures. Braids that don’t end up more“reveals. Mark and your braided team one by one.Imagine how much work involved for this production?

The flashy accessories, large majority in acrylic, were developed by Ronaldo and complimenting the productions with much beauty. Emphasis on the glasses, tied with ribbons. Thus, the beauty artist left that they, the hair and the clothes were the protagonists of this great show: “the skin was slightly corrected based and illuminated, including the lips, which have also been deleted. One word to sum up: great! More global fashion beauty in GLOBALsciencellc.COM.