[Fashion Week] Lipstick “Deleted”

Fernanda Yamamoto is one of the treasures of brazilian fashion. Each year (Yes, the stylist chose to parade just once a year at SPFW) the label promotes a deep reflection on issues that sometimes even we’ve seen around, but with a renewed and much more complete footprint.

And just to follow against “fast fashion” that the mark remains in the style “see it now and buy it in a few months”. As we mentioned in the combo of beauty of yesterday (here), some brands have opted for foreign shows, and this was the case of Fernanda Yamamoto, who brought frisson for the beautiful Pictures. With live music, the guests were on not just a parade, but an art exhibition on the move, as expected.

The designer explored the black in various textures and this proposal also came to the beauty. The beauty artist Marcos Costa said that he wanted to strengthen the deconstruction of forms, as the designer did in the clothes. “Enough of perfection! As the focus was, I wanted to let this man that the girl went to the ballad with a friend and her lipstick was putting out throughout the night, you know?“. Proof that beauty doesn’t have to be within the “standards” to be beautiful and interesting, without exaggeration.

Marcos used: black lipstick and gloss “top coat” transparent in the center of the lips to erase a little color the skin was already well corrected without much sparkle. For your eyes only black mask. All Natura Faces.

The fashionistas have already joined the black lipstick, but with perfect application, which covers the entire mouth. How about this proposal of ombré effect? Would you use? check LocalBusinessExplorer to choose one.