Fashion Tips for Shortys

Today is the day to respond to a request from Sonia:

On September 7th posted the Autumn Winter 2012/2013 trends, and in the post had a hint of how tennis and shallow jumps can deconstruct a visual.

I agree, because I only have 1.55 m, but because of a health problem, I can’t wear high heels. My question is, how do you get an elegant look without jumping?

The question of Sonia is not new, on these sides, and has already been analyzed in several posts. However, and because it is a matter of many readers, nothing like returning to him.

And before the suggestions of looks, with shallow shoes, here are some tips (already published 6 years ago in this post), in terms of clothing and accessories, that a small woman should take into account:

  1. Avoid horizontal stripes, color combination or large printed. Ideally, you’re betting on a monochrome look, so that there are no breaks in the visual.
  1. When using stamped (with small pattern), use them always on top, in sweatshirts, for example, so as to draw attention to this part of the body.
  1. Avoid tunics whenever possible. Choose before waist shirts, or a little lower (preferably with a belt, to mark the waist), but never excessively long.
  1. As far as the shoes are concerned, the ideal for stretching the silhouette is the pointy, or with a narrow and long opening with the fingers. Heels should not be too high (or with a very high platform), on the penalty of creating a disproportionate line between the height of the legs and the body assembly.
  1. In winter, and when wearing tights, prefer ones that are the same color as the shoes/boots, not to create cuts in the visual.
  1. Be ware of accessories-no long collars, too many bracelets or shoulder bags or XL size. Always try to respect the proportion of your body!

After the tips, here are some visual cues, with shallow heels…

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