Fashion Tips for Fatties

Chubby And Elegant-Clothing Tips

If you are overweight and you think so you should only use loose clothes and you don’t mark anything your body is completely wrong. It’s not because your body has small curves that they need to be hidden. Wearing the right clothes and the infallible tricks, you can be elegant and very well dressed, even if you are overweight.

The first very important tip for anyone who is overweight is stretch. How do you stretch the silhouette? Abuse of the overlays. Trend plain shirts combined with jackets always open, no matter the model, the coat should make two vertical lines about the abdomen.

The second tip is: select the your body. If you always wear dresses, skirts or blouses straight, blunt no, looks like you threw a blanket over it and left the House.Mark the waist is a very positive point, show that you have turned legs, you have a nice lap, all this must be valued. Use soltinhas blouses, but put a belt to tune, without balancing the colors.

Another important tip is to know how to choose patterns and colors. The prints must be small, the geometrical are welcome and always with dark background. When using plain clothes, choose monochromatic looks or combination of two colors. Avoid making contrasts between the top-piece and the bottom one.

Also look for betting on accessories. Long necklaces can make this proposal for vertical linearity more useful. Shoes play an important role, choose heels that value your stature.