Fashion Tip: Collar Polo Shirts

The men’s wardrobe is essentially divided between shirts and shirts, which limits our choices when it comes to dressing. Fortunately, however, at the beginning of the 20th century, Rein Lacoste, a French tennis player, created the polo shirt because he thought the costumes of the day were too heavy to play.

Wearing a polo is not as simple as it sounds. A polo is a timeless piece, a classic piece of men’s wardrobe. When the temperature increases, we have few options that can at the same time provide comfort and style. Inevitably the pole becomes the first option.

An important point when wearing a polo, or any other shirt/shirt, is to note that:

  1. The sewing thread of the sleeves should accompany the”line” of the shoulders
  2. The sleeves should end near the middle of the biceps

The measures, unfortunately, change according to the brand. Often even in the same brand there are differences.

The possibility of wearing it in both formal and casual looks is one of the great advantages of polo. Another great advantage is the possibility of overlapping with other pieces, such as sweaters, cardigans or even T-shirts and any type of pants.

White, blue, black and gray are the most used colors and also the most common ones, but do not limit yourself to it, there is a great variety of colors and even prints, such as for example.

Important tips:

  • There are”slim” models, so be careful that they are not”glued” to the body.
  • It can not be very”long”, meaning the ideal is that it ends next to the pocket of your pants.
  • Do not flee from the origins of the pole, it was born as a sporting piece, so using it by putting it inside the pants does not look good, use it out.

A very important tip: wearing them with the raised collar is not cool and so little”cool”.

It is almost impossible to make a mistake with a pole, so bet on it as your key piece, click hyperRESTAURANT for more fashion information.