Fashion Spring Summer

After that cold, your body hidden under those huge and super warm clothes, finally came the season of choice for those who like to display the body but with style and elegance. Fashion spring-summer 2013 comes with strength to conquer women with beautiful and hot news of use because in spring summer we want to use light clothes, comfortable but without giving up the beauty, sophistication and daring, most beautiful stations and delicious in the world. Full of good news for those who love style and beauty and all with comfort and well-being.

The trend spring/summer 2013 back incredible news to make you all happy and a hit in the next spring-summer 2013. If you tired of look always the same year after year, know that this Sets spring summer 2013 promises new features not to be missed! See just how wonderful!

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Are citrus colors such as yellow and orange, is blue with a touch of brightness and giving a sophistication and the pastel shade to give lightness to the look more behaved and even when irreverent and daring with a discretion. The pastel has that idea already formed a look always lighter and traditional without being lame or unfunny. If you enjoy or need a social floor but want lightness the pastel is the perfect choice for this season’s trend.

Citrus colors already give that good thing just to see a parade on the streets, because the colors are even more alive in shiny fabrics or with a softer footprint but stepped up to call a lot of attention. Remember: the citrus will not be a fancy style or Carnival with colors that have nothing to do but a very natural, versatile and daring to make you beautiful and safe place to spend.

The blue was already needing to go back to your place, because there was already some years since this wonderful color didn’t win strength in outfits and now will pan out in the spring-summer of this year. Blue is traditionally a more color of autumn and winter, especially the darker shades, they won a refined taste in bright parts and special fabrics to put in evidence one of the most beautiful colors of women’s clothing.

Academy and the street style on the runway

You know that fluffy pants that you use to go to the gym or the other out leather in a ride on the street close to home? Then, these pieces as well as shorts and t-shirts and tops of nylon to give a super style sex for you. Who likes a gym or go on shows and ballads on the street, this style is pretty cool and it’s pleasing many fashionistas with your style all stripped and irreverent.

Mullets for life

Since you won the free shows in recent years, the mulletwon women of everybody with your way of dress short in front and long ago and then became a fever! In spring fashion Summer 2013 will be no different and you can see it now being used a little shorter and in tissues and new clothes and special cuts of tailoring to make you even more beautiful and with special power. The dresses of years past with the longest idea still stand, with floral prints but the front a little bit bigger.


It stands to reason that one cannot speak of spring without talking about prints, especially floral, fruit and bugs that come with full force this year. The idea is to use a plain blouse and a skirt all emblazoned with flowers or a blouse that makes a set with the skirt and have similar prints and forming a continuation. If you want not to miss, choose the floral prints, fruit and animals.

Brightness but discretion

Imagine you with a look all gold? Is the man of wealth. And a whole outfit short and silver? A gorgeous! Unlike the other stations that the brightness and the gold are reserved more for the night, fashion trends spring/summer point to much glamour, even during the day. Of course, you need to know dose according to the time and place.

Let it shine through the best of you

Transparency will mark the time of outfits that next season will offer. Transparency in skirts and pants but mostly in dresses as the mullets and patterned.The shiny will also have special models with transparency and brightness as far as to let your look chic and rocking around.

Fashion spring-summer 2013 will bring out all your brightness, color and emotion in a collection a must to all fashionistas and women who have good taste and dress well. Short what your personality you want not following blindly trends only but valuing everything with your exquisite taste and giving a grand finale with divine accessories such as handbags, shoes, necklaces and all your strong personality.