Fashion Spring Summer

Spring Summer 2010 Stay Fashionable.

In, the pieces will be the lasting, chic and who doesn’t go out of fashion. We all know that to get dressed we are expressing our personality, so put on your look the your lifestyle.
The models adapted to your body and your preferences.

Floral Dress
The patterned option for the dresses has become more than an obligation for every year whatever being mini, midi or maxi as long as you’re comfortable.

The blazer will be used next season. Sleeves adjusted to the body giving the impression of tailoring.
Prefer the version well stitched, with waist-cuts.

Pants Waist-High
The back of the high waistband jeans, is ideal for who have short legs. Make your waist look thinner.
To stretch your legs by wearing his pants waist-high, let the length of the jeans reach the height of the toes.
Don’t forget to wear heels and blouses made of delicate fabrics

Skirts of years 60
The skirts rounds now will be colored super trendy.
For those who have short legs above knee length.
The skirt comes with the romance of the season, is the essential part for the female wardrobe.

Platform Sandals
The simple formula to add height, without pain or discomfort, charming and basic colors.
Important parts for you to have:

Basic Dress: the black dress is important to look feminine.

Jeans: these jeans can be casual or elegant, it all depends on how to combine the pieces.

High heels: elegance, charm, they are ideal for the woman feel more feminine. Be it black, Brown, gray and color of skin colors are scatter symbols that combine in any look.

Purse: are they smooth and neutral colors such as white, black and beige, give freedom to wear colorful clothes and stamped. Use the casual or social are good choices.

Sunglasses: Summer or winter, sunny days or cloudy days, more than the protection sunglasses suggest charm.

Spring summer 2010, will be the time of ruffles, ribbons, flowers and delicate lace to highlight this trend, along with the soft colors. The folds and wrinkles, as well as the ruffles, appear to add volumes, especially in the upper part of the body.