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Female Sunglasses Summer 2013-Trends

The fashion for the summer as well as influence the clothes, the shoes, the beauty and common accessories, also takes care of the glasses, which not only decorate but also protect our eyes in the bright light of the Sun in the hottest season of the year. Are several trends for all tastes and styles.

From the classic to the bold. The eyewear for summer 2013 gain modernity while the retro is a success, everything that serves to demonstrate the diversity of styles and personalities that are out there.

When we talk about classics remember soon one of the models of sunglasses from sunglasseswill that make more success around the world, the Ray Ban Aviator type. This model looks good on thousands of people, whether men or women, that since your launch until today. With a discreet Brown, black, grey or with the new gold, silver and mirrored kickboard.

Following the proposal “retro” Kitty style glasses appear, i.e. those models with the tips drawn, leaving the visual of the elegant, as if they were the eyes of cats. These templates appear in the basic colors, such as black and Brown, as well as the famous turtle, which is that the Brown paint. They can also appear with some metallic details, especially about the lenses or the stems.

Even in sets of mirrored, but now with a modern model, the so-called “Cage”, which are a new model in acrylic with mirror lenses in more vibrant colors possible, such as blue, green, pink, gold and orange.