False Eyelashes: How to Put and Use

Although a lot of people don’t know it, the false eyelashes are indispensable accessories for the famous red carpet. Among the celebrities they do so successfully, with the ordinary women is no different. At parties, special events and even day to day some not give up having eyes checked and feminine.

Just for being so successful, we must be careful not to err.That’s right, the exaggeration is worse than the lack in some situations and one of them is the makeup. For day to day the false eyelashes may appear, but are not indicated. The best thing to do is select the mascara and leave the Cilia for the weekend.

All women can wear false eyelashes, provided that they are not allergic to the adhesive used. The size of the eyelashes also need to be chosen with common sense not to weigh the visual. Remember that the bigger they are, the more they may seem artificial. Don’t forget that!

In time to produce you need to choose between the two types of false eyelashes, the integer and the Tufts (small Tufts). A tip for those who wantvolume in the region of the eyelashes is to cut the inserts around the time of the natural. This will cause you didn’t even look qeue you are using the item.

The timing of the application of false eyelashes is traumatic for a lot of people think hard and usually has a bad result. The most important thing is to use the right glue, an adhesive suitable for eyelashes. She has to be made of latex which is less aggressive and does not damage the Cilia. The operation is simple, just apply the specific glue at the base of the eyelashes false eyelashes and fit them on the natural lashes.

Time to remove you have to be careful and do not skip any step.Pull the tip of the outside in with care and then pass a makeup remover to remove any trace of glue. Remove all makeup, rinse the face and ready!