Everything You Need to Know about Cats

Posted by Dog citizen in 08/may/2017-

You may have already heard that cats may be skittish, isn’t it? But not all are like that. Suspicious by nature, the cats don’t feel safe while you are not in “control” of the situation and therefore may present a more unsociable behavior.

Every cat is a living being completely different and your personality can be influenced by several factors: the way your genetic owner relates to him. That doesn’t mean the cats don’t like to cuddle and to interact with people. If the socialization is made from a pup, you can accustom him even with the visitors.

Be patient and learn to respect the time of cat is also essential for proper socialization. It is therefore important to avoid situations in which the kitten can feel fear, as this will cause it to be unsafe in the place in which he lives.

To help tutors to cope better with their cats, animal husbandry and animal behavior expert, Alexander Rossi, and the veterinarian, Paula Itikawa, published the book “the secrets of Cats”.
The work just won a updated edition and new cover and an autograph session will be held on May 9, the 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, bookstore Cla. the books, in the Mackenzie University in São Paulo. More information here.

Learn other tips to better deal with the cat:


Before you take the kitten home, ensure that the environment is suitable for your arrival. The first step, and most importantly, put screens on all the Windows in the House, so you avoid accidents and leaks.

Then prepare the bathroom of the Kitty. A tip is to have in place always a sandbox more than the amount of cats. Put the boxes away from doors or objects that make a lot of noise to avoid that the cat be alarmed.

Make your home a place where the Kitty. Install shelves in high places so he can climb and observe things. Leave some scratching around the House and make games that stimulate the hunting instinct of the pet. You can be sure that the kitten will love it!

Power supply

Because they are natural hunters, cats do not like to eat ration left all day in the Cup. The trick is to offer food in small portions throughout the day, you can spread small amounts around the House, in high places or hidden, to interest more for the food and follow your instinct.

Another joke is to put snacks or feed in pet bottles and make small holes in it for as long as he can play, he also feeds. But remember: make sure the pet is feeding properly.