Evasive Dress: Learn How to Create Amazing Looks

Hello guys,

There is no more delicate and feminine than a beautiful dress, is not it? Super practical, versatile, modern and you can enjoy it on all occasions.

And today we’re going to tell you more about the evasé dress, do you know the one who leaves women with a straw hat? So check out our tips for creating amazing looks with this glamorous piece!

Tips To Put Together Looks For Various Occasions With The EvasÊ Dress

Evesas model dresses are well known for their perfect fit in any body shape. Its most striking characteristics are the bust tighter up to the waist and it is releasing gradually giving more volume in the bottom.

By having this cut he greatly favors who wants to hide the tummy and also gives a little hand to those who are very skinny giving more shapes and accentuating the bottom. Now let’s look at the looks?

1-Look With EvasÉ Dress For Classic Style

The tip here is to create a more discreet and conservative look for social parties and more private places. Choose a unique color evasion dress, if you watch the season’s colors as a wine, caramel or coral. Invest in a maxi necklace to give a lookup , a black hand bag and a black scarpin to close the look.

2-Look With EvasÉ Dress For Romantic Style

For the romantic on call the perfect dress evasé is those with slightly flowery prints. Choose a pattern that will fit with a delicate flowery print, a pastel, blue, pink or cream cardigan. Finalize with a fluffy collar and a platform sandal more colorful like a green, pink or yellow.

3-Look With Dress EvasÊ Jeans For Casual Style

Casual style means comfort and nothing too detailed. Here you can choose a wonderful dress evasé jeans, place a caramel robe, a caramel hand bag and a fluffy orange or rust-colored sneaker.

4-Look Stripped With EvasÊ Dress For Winter

Winter is more and more inspired by fashion looks, is not it? Then choose a lightly printed evasion dress, put a belt to mark the waist, put on a black 7/8 stocking that will be on display, an over the knee boot and finish with a black leather jacket.

5-Look With Dress EvasÊ For Chubby

The tip here is to mark the shapes well mainly the waist. Choose a unique colorevasion dress can be turquoise blue, pink, wine or rose. Wear a thin belt to tighten the waist, a black waistcoat and invest in powerful heels, it will help stretch the silhouette, so you can play in ankle boots, platforms, heeled sandals and peep toe.

6-Look With Dress EvasÊ Jeans

That jeans combines with just about every color we already know, the point here is to focus on the fall/winter colors and in this look let’s focus on the brown.Choose a dress evasé jeans with delicate prints one of poa is the best choice, put a thin little chest in brown, a brown shoulder bag and a sneaker caramel to finish.

And there goes to play in the beautiful dress evasê? You can bet it’s a trend and if you like our tips share with the friends, combined?

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