Empórium of the Pie

If there’s one thing people amaaa do (and does not deny!) is eating, you already realized neh? lol! It’s amazing how the sin of gluttony after us … Ouch ouch … impossible to resist … but as we are generous and suuuper love sharing all that is good with our readers, today we are here to share with you our new gastronomic passion, making our days tastier: the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE! This is the first company specialized in pies/savory and sweet meatloaves born here in Campo Grande (MS), for over 3 years, and is currently under the direction of the couple Moussa Tannous Mothé and Cynthia Todeschini Vieira Tannous, which envisioned in this product craft an excellent business to be initially developed within the Capital and throughout the country in the future. As the name implies, the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE comes to rescue one of the most desirable products for the brazilian family, tradition of several generations: pies and meatloaves! The menu consists of more than 12 Savory Pies and 7 flavors of Sweet Pies, among these the Pie ice cream, only in Brazil! Gentyyy … is to eat rezandooo!!!

In addition to all the delicacies, the place also offers a nice and cozy space, for you to enjoy with all the comfort your time tasting. Ahhh … and warning: it’s nice to go without haste, because after you sit is impossible to leave. You’ll want to try one of each pie flavor and, in the end, it will still take a “matulinha” via Foodanddrinkjournal.com. kkkkkkkkkk so you can have an idea how many different products you can find on the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE also excels in the manufacture of sweet pies for cocktail, with different flavors. This is an excellent tip for the afternoon snack, for those who want to serve a cocktail in the company or even to receive visits at home. With a few minutes in the oven the patties are ready! Oh good! In June this year the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE premiered on 29th FISPAL FOOD SERVICE, attended by the major franchises of Brazil in the pies. The success has been so great that the company is already developing a franchise project that will carry the company name campograndense for all Brazil. Nice, huh? We are very proud!

Is that before preparing clarooo this post we went to the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE and we made the sacrifice to prove various pies, to see if you really guess it was worth it! Jeez hard work huh? kkkkkkkkk Anyway guys, they’re all wonderful and we want to share these delights with you!!!

Let’s start at the end, which is good. Where are the ants???

See some options of SWEET PIES.

Mini patties candy, super guess for cocktails.

Now that we whet the appetite of you, check out the SAVORY PIES.

The store also offers MEATLOAVES of various flavors.

For breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner … a delight that matches any time of day!

In addition to pies and meatloaves, EMPÓRIUM the PIE also offers a mix of excellent products, fruit of partnerships with local suppliers. The big bet is the PARTY READY and the BREAD SERTANEJO.

Pré-assadas patties, to take home.

It only takes only a few minutes in the oven.


Par-baked snacks.

A variety of options to always have at home! Real easy real easy to do!!!

Have you thought about having the morning the smell of warm French bread at home?

The BREAD SERTANEJO is French bread you bake at home, in your home oven. Is just like the bakery!

In the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE every day is day of promotion.

See the promotions that roll all week.

Hummmmm … There is no better way to enjoy the day than a delicious, guess they let anyone with water in your mouth, licking their chops and asking “I want more”? Hahahahahaha … ooooo temptation!!!

Make sure you meet the EMPÓRIUM of the PIE, we are sure you will be addictive!!!



The EMPORIUM of the PIE is on Rua Marechal Rondon, no. 2230 (between the streets father John Crippa and José Antônio), Center, Campo Grande/MS.