Emerald Necklaces of Ruy Barbosa Marina That Sweep in Fashion

The emerald necklaces of Marina Ruy Barbosa always give what to talk !! Every time the actress is seen wearing a jewel in this color is already speculated the value of the piece and if indeed the jewel was bought or given as a gift to her, something super common in this medium. Actresses live by earning pamphlets from famous brands …. As if they needed it right !? LOL
Marina is one of the most beloved actresses on Globo and who is in the highest in the media. The redhead has more than 19 million followers on instagram. Marina walks so requested that she is even having to refuse some papers as was the case of the new novel of the 6 of the Globe, Time to Love.
Apparently, the redhead must integrate the cast of the novel by Aguinaldo Silva, “The Seventh Guardian,” which debuts on Globo in 2018.

But back to the subject that interests us !! The green jewels of Marina … The beautiful has already admitted that her passion is the color green and that whenever she can she invests in green necklaces and emerald jewelry. We have already seen the actress wearing several green necklaces and simply loved everyone !! Marina prefers modern jewelry, one of Marina’s favorite labels is Andrea Conti, Beatrice Werebe and Jack Vartanian.

Emerald ring by Marina Ruy Barbosa

The emerald ring from the photo above is from the brand Andrea Conti. The ring that has Bridge name was made with another white, shiny and emerald. Andrea says: “Marina likes a lot of green and I like it too. I think it attracts good things for us, “said the designer. According to Andrea, the average price of an emerald ring, like Marina’s, is $ 50,000. And designer Jack Vartanian’s necklace.

Emerald necklaces by Marina Ruy Barbosa

In addition to the geometric emerald necklace that Marina is always wearing, the beautiful also uses other pieces in color. This emerald set of earring and necklace was seen in Marina when she was traveling with her fiancé, Alexandre.
At Amfar’s last dance, Marina appeared simply stunning !! In a green, light dress that was all hand embroidered and made especially for her by designer and friend Patricia Bonaldi. Do not know the value and sources revealed that this time Marina made a point of not wearing a label from outside, have seen the confusion that rolled in the prize in which she and Mariana Goldfarb appeared with dresses alike …
The actress at this event also made a point of razing with regard to jewelry. This gorgeous necklace with a super giant stone was from jewelry designer Bruno Gioia and was borrowed of course, as it is estimated that this necklace is worth millions .. In addition, Luciana Tranchesi also appeared using this piece in another event.
Marina with this neckline and these jewels was simply stunning and extremely sensual. The photo above is a proof of this, the diva is in a dress with a crack and a super cleavage. Marina knows how to be chic, sophisticated, understands trends and can combine from the simplest to the most exotic.