Earphones to Control Smartphone Using Facial Expressions

A simple smile.That’s enough to control functions of a smartphone with headphones created by Denys Matthies, a computer interaction researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research in Germany.The prototype is capable of triggering commands such as opening documents, playing back and pausing songs by means of facial movements.

When we smile, various muscles of our face move in sync with our eyes and the ear canal.And that’s where the headphones come in, which have special electrodes that identify the shape of the user’s ear canal using an electric field.According to the facial expressions that the user makes when smiling or making faces, for example, the channel also moves, and the headphones identify these movements, triggering different commands.

According to Matthies, headphones have 90% accuracy in recognizing smiles, winks, opening and closing of the mouth, whistles and also by turning the head to the sides.

The researcher will present his project during an international technology conference in May in the United States, aimed at marketing the product to present a solution for people with limited mobility or simply for those who want to save a few seconds in the movements. In the video above, Matthies shows a little more of his invention.

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