Dressed for Rain

It’s a shame to say that this summer’s weather lived up to expectations. However, there is no reason to sour for as the saying goes: there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. And rainwear need not be bold in boring but can actually be really smart. Here is a suggestion:

Jacket Costume National Homme (approximately 2100 kr, yoox.com)-A knee-length trench coat might be a little too bulky for summer use. Therefore, this feels a little shorter, sportier model from Costume National Homme as a better option.

Acne Jeans Mix Black (1100 €)-Rent stylistically had a few lighter jeans been very stylish to this outfit, but dark light tends to be far more practical and less prone to splashing water.Mix black is a slimmer model with pretty high waist. Cheap Monday has several different black jeans for a smaller wallet.

Umbrella Swaine Adeney Brigg (approximately around 2300 kr)-the umbrella is clearly one of the most underrated accessories for men. SWAINE Adeney Brigg is perhaps the world’s most renowned umbrella manufacturer and can meet the vast majority of personal desires. Everything from ostrich leather handle and solid sterling silver to the umbrella brand of silk.

T-shirt 1206 (250 kr, Tresbienshop.se)-it’s extra fun to see people with a fashion style with obvious contrasts. Hip Danish t-shirt along with an umbrella from Briggs, who started their business 1750, feels like a contrast the host name.

Converse All Star Speciality Hi (400 kr, caliroots.com)-canvas shoes may not be the ultimate for rainstorms, but the advantage is that the iaf is to wash. Converse All Star is a classic model that can be used for a wide variety of styles.

Shopping Bag-Cheap Monday ($ 99, caliroots.com)-Simple and stylish shopping bag in nylon from Cheap Monday. Matches the shoes.

Check clothesbliss.com to get those items.