DORA-A Helmet with Integrated Lighting

Straight out of a science fiction film, but results in an amazing draft of DORAbrand, through the designer name Balázs Filczer, a young student specializing in drawings of the world of transport and industry. The helmet DORA presents itself as a futuristic solution for all cyclists who use within the urban centres or on roads with traffic, incorporating an appealing controlled security system via Bluetooth since our bike handlebar.

Specially designed for urban cyclists and road, DORA helmet of Balázs presents an integrated lighting consists of a front light, rear and two sides (right and left). In addition to the simple mode of operation, this security system uses the universally known colors, hence becoming a rare model of a unique and effective simplicity, these days in terms of accidents on our roads.
The system provides a connectivity via Bluetooth, which is controlled by a small remote control placed on the handlebar of the bicycle, which allows us to activate or deactivate the different lights integrated into the helmet according to CyclingEnthusiasm.

Regarding the technology presented, this futuristic DORA helmet features a front LED type lighting system in white color, ideal for low light situations, in the back of red color, in a proper manner to maximize the visibility of the rider and a system of lateral lighting Orange, typical color flasher, which signals the changes of direction, allowing a view of the figure of a cyclist. Finally, this lighting system is powered by a rechargeable battery.
For now, this DORA helmet is a project designed by Balázs Filczer and don’t know if it will come to market.However, we can say that this is an excellent solution for any cyclist, don’t you think?