Dodo by Pomellato: a Bat for Halloween

We are almost there on Halloween, and beyond to the various proposals we have suggested we can not but also mention Pomellato, fabulous jewelry, which offers precious jewels but also a wide choice of luxury products aimed at younger. Surely all know the Dodo line, the special collection made ​​of symbolic charms that hide messages of love, of friendship, and generally affectionate, so you can not miss the latest buzz.

Proposals to celebrate so cute Halloween night there we made ​​many,here’s one a little more precious, to make Haloween an unforgettable occasion. You want to remember the night of October 31 with a smile, why not opt for one of the many charms offered by Pomellato? the Dodo line has many, but one of the fittest is a precious pendant made ​​especially for the upcoming celebration. How then, how about a nice bat, perhaps studded with stones to add to your bracelet? Pomellato, as we said he thought the bats to add to the already large collection of small and precious charms at its disposal, and to do things big has chose to realize three different versions, in order to offer its customers the widest possible choice.

The pipistrellino signed Dodo by Pomellato exists of course the classic pattern in gold, but the brand has also thought to a covered version of blacks diamonds and a new entry made of white gold and pave diamonds, precious, for luxury lovers to each cost. I bet you that bats are no longer afraid!