DIY: Ring With Rose

The Valentine’s Day is at the door and everywhere you can see beautiful roses. Do not you also want to wear a rose on your finger?

DIY: Ring With Rose

Jewelry designer Beate Cadien from Bling-Bijoux has sent us this wonderful guide for a silver wire ring. A great gift idea for the best friend or simply for yourself.

Much pleasure in making a real silver ring!

You will need:
– Flat nose pliers
– Wire cutters
– 31cm of (22-gauge / 0.6mm wire) Sterling silver wire
– Ringdorn or some other round to bend the wire

Cut first 31cm sterling silver wire off the roll. Then lay the wire slightly above the desired ring size (about 1/2 size further) over the ring mandrel. Wrap the wire three times around the ring mandrel. Note that the protruding ends have the same length on each side.

Cross the wire ends on top of each other – press firmly so that the wire clamps are firmly pressed onto the ring mandrel. Now wrap the wire clusters circularly (do not twist the wire but place it around circularly).

Wrap the wire further and further into the circle until you are satisfied with the appearance of the rose (or up to 3.5 cm of wire at each end). Finally, wrap each end of the wire three times around the ring shaft, then cut the remaining ends. Use a flat-nose pliers to press the wire tightly against the ring. Now push the ring again to the ring mandrel as far as it goes, in order to “curb” any possible bends and to perfect the curves.

If you like, you can still oxidize the ring. There is an environmentally friendly method of oxidizing silver. Just boil an egg for about eight minutes – then set it up like a breakfast egg and put it in a tumbler and close it with the ring. After an hour the process is finished.

Beate Cadien is a jewelery designer and produces unique jewelery in a small workshop in Berlin, which can be admired in her shop BlingBijoux. In her second shop Bling-it-yourself you find the wire for the ring with Rose.

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