Diy Marble Dipped Vase


When it comes to making pots and pot holders DIY there are a lot of materials to inspire you: what I offer today is the white marble that characterizes the city where I come from, Carrara, in Northern Tuscany. Obviously we not scomoderemo a marble processing workshop to make pots for our seedlings from the interior, but we will create a marble effect vases, tricking the eye and mind with a graphic effect. Ready to do it yourself?


Tin cans
cans / plastic containers (eg. For yogurt)
Cutter carving
awl (or a nail and hammer)
adhesive paper in marble effect


First realize the drainage on the plastic jar bottom, to prevent stagnation of water which can rot the roots of the plants: you can do it with an awl or a nail and a hammer.

Then apply the adhesive paper marble effect on the jar and cut it with the cutter on the edge of the can or in half if you want to create an effect two-tone marble and white that you will achieve with white adhesive paper.

Apply glue on the outer edge of the plastic jar and paste it inside the tin can and voila, a vase with style for your aromatic and succulent plants following aceinland.