Discover the Evolution of Fashionable Dress


The trends of fashion always surprise us every year is a fun and creative novelty we begin to include in our daily lives. But have you ever thought about how it all began?

History of Fashionable Dress

Have you stopped to think how it came about and who invented the dress? Today we can benefit from wonderful and customizable pieces, but in the past everything was very restricted and selective. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about a little more, if you find it interesting to follow this brief story.

History Of Fashionable Dress

From the earliest times human beings used to cover themselves with animal skins to protect themselves from the cold that was once much more intense than today. They also used the skins to cover the intimate parts all the time to protect themselves from infections and insects.

In the middle ages what was synonymous with social status were the robes that had a more straight cut and all detailed in stones and embroidery. The dresses began to appear in the 1800s, and only women wore the piece.

Soon more in 1860 the dresses gained a prop that was known as crinolines, frames that were placed under the dresses to give more volume. The women of high society used this prop along with the bodices that made them much more feminine and sensual.

The dresses were long and the colors more neutral, but in 1870 dresses began to change in the fashion world and came models with more vibrant colors, more fluid fabrics and floral prints.

And it was in 1900 that the crinolines and corsets were gradually disappearing, at this time the fashion wanted to show more the side of the naturalness of the female silhouette. The dresses had a more natural trim and were all crafted in lace and delicate floral prints.

And already in 1920 the dress in the world of the fashion began to show more the body of the woman. They appeared with shorter sleeves and little length below the knee. They were more playful, but they had a mark on the waist.

Still in 1920 Coco Chanel launched the basic black that was a revolution in the fashion world. What formerly represented mourning was now a trend.

In 1940 dresses have begun to appear in more sensual models showing the woman’s lap, sleeveless, fairer and still with the length below the knee.

And it was from 1960 that the jeans started to make faces in the fashion universe. In 1980 came the dress jeans, at this time the jeans was trend total. Destined jeans, trousers and jeans jacket with patches and also the women began to wear the jeans very much.

He returned to success in 1990 and 2000 when the jeans were still on high.

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