Designer LED Lamp

Still a week until Christmas Eve. Who’s got his Christmas presents now still not together, must hurry slowly. For all DIY enthusiasts among you we found a super self construction tip in the network, which eliminates the need for stressful last-minute purchases. Points under the Christmas tree with a homemade LED designer lamp! In our guide, you will learn how BB´s.

Designer LED Lamp

Unique: Designer LED Lamp From Cds Or Old Records

According  to toughestflashlights, old vinyl records or CDs has today, in the digital music age, almost everyone lying around somewhere at home. So, you already have the source material for your lamp.

You need this:

  • Approximately 45 vinyl records or CDs
  • 1 wooden board+4 wooden strips (5 x 20) for the lamp stand (20 x 20 cm)
  • 3 threaded rods
  • LED lights with power supply
  • Wood glue
  • Tool: Drill, saw, screw clamps, pliers, nuts

How to BB´s

1 cut strips of wood with double-sided fermentation cut of 45 ° to 5 x 20 cm. Glue the plate to a down open box by using wood glue and allow to dry well.

  1. plates stack exactly align and fasten with screw terminals.Circular drill then 3 holes for the threaded rods into the inner label.Alternatively, you can make also a drilling template and drill each plate individually. So that the edges of the drill do not melt and fray, drills in the meantime just settle.
  2. using the drill template, drill Center 3 holes in the lamp stand so that the plates are exactly in the middle of the lamp base.
  3. in one of the corners of the lamp base, drill a hole for the light switch, as well as another hole for thePlug cable(either centrally or laterally).

5 threaded rods loose plug in the provided holes in the base of the lamp.

6 thread plate onto the threaded rods: 2 plates, washer, 2 plates etc. It should remain small slits for the LED light.

  1. then turn a nut onto each threaded rod.
  2. If necessary, make construction on the head, to shorten the excellent threaded rod ends at the bottom of the lamp base.This includes separate nuts firmly at the bottom of the pull rods and ends with a pair of pliers.

9 LED light chain install inside, pull the connector cable through the hole and “invisible” fix the cable in the foot. The d.i.y. Designer lamp is finished.