Decoration – Stamped Curtains

Have you noticed how hard it is to see patterned curtains? I mean, stained curtains that are beautiful and look good in the room? Yeah! People think it will be tacky (still used this word?), Which will “trap” the decoration, which will weigh, which will look ridiculous, which is out of fashion…anyway. I think it’s an option, which can be used to vary, brighten, differentiate, an environment. And it can look really pretty and chic, yes! Let’s see some ideas (so you have others!!!):

In the 1st photo above, the curtain, in an ethnic type print, warms the room with its reddish tones and really creates a mood. 2) In the second picture, notice that fabrics in different colors repeat the stripes of the armchair 3) In the third photo, the print has all the colors of the room on a white background that softens its effect.

1) The small curtain in light print with a greenish yellow background illuminates and rejoices the room 2) The curtain of the second photo, discretely accompanies the gray and black of the room and has another function, which is to reduce the light input when closed.

1) In this room, a more classic choice, already: The headboard is lined with the same fabric as the curtain 2) I found these tye dye curtains beautiful that reproduce the colors of the sofa and cushions, beautifully complementing the decor.

1) Again, see the curtain repeating colors of the environment (a cushion was included in the same fabric, but note that due to the fact that it is only one along with several others of different sizes and colors, there is no such thing as “too tight”)..2) In the second photo an idea of ​​facilitates the choice of the print with a colored wall-That the fabric has as background exactly the same color of the wall! It looks beautiful, does not it?)

Another interesting thing is that in none of these environments do you have to be permanently attached to the stamped curtain: you could swap any one of them, smooth, with one of the colors of the curtain stamped. To avoid mistakes in the choice, use the colors of the environment, prefer simple prints, “adult” (those barred somewhat childish leave to the nursery, perhaps…), geometric and with few colors.