Decoration: Everlasting Doubt the Carpets in the Living Room

The amount of emails I get about what color to choose for the living room rug is huge! I have already talked about this subject in “Using Colored Carpets”, “Combining Wall, Sofa, Rug…”, “Choosing the Carpet ” and a few more, but the subject continues to generate doubts and more doubts. So let’s keep talking about it.

Most importantly, when you are going to choose the color, size and style of your rug (or anything) is to define the problem and/or purpose, you say: What bothers you and/or what you want the rug to add in the environment. For example:

1) Problem: “My room has little natural light, the furniture is dark….”

Of course the best solution is a light carpet! It will reflect light, especially if it has a certain brightness, like the one in the picture above. In this case, the color of the rug exists in the lighter parts of the sofas, which facilitates the harmony between them. This rug has a neutral color, which does not draw too much attention to itself, subtly interferes with the environment.

But if, besides that, you miss something that attracts attention, that enlivens the room? In the environment above, a carpet in light gray, for example, would illuminate the room and be harmonious (after all, the sofa has gray). But the green carpet, contrasting with the red cushions brought more joy into space. With this goal is a better solution.

2) Problem: “The room is very bright and the furniture also has … everything is very cold…”

In this case, nothing better than a carpet in warm colors (note that it also has the colors of the environment) for the living room decoration.

But if, on the other hand, you want the room to be clear, you love the light floor and you want a rug just to give you warmth? So your solution goes through a carpet that does not weigh in the environment, with color not too far from the color of the floor and that has a nice texture (can be even thicker and cuddly than this one in the photo)

3) Problem: “My room looks lifeless, cold, but I do not want to add anything but a rug …”

Nothing like a rug in bright color to give an automatic up in the environment (and go, put a cushion in the same color that looks nice!)

But will not you also want something so “I arrived” with a carpet yellow? The sober prints are there for that! And look how this rug blends well and rejoices this environment?

4) Problem: “I bought a sofa in a strong color and now I do not know what rug to put on!”

Well well…. Go on neutrals! Note that the rug is sober in color but has an interesting texture in addition to being a raw pulled to brown which has in its composition the yellow which is the color of the sofa.

But if your question really “shakes,” a flashy rug that has the same color as your sofa is pretty sure to look nice! (But be careful not to overdo it in the colors of the environment .. This one, for example, only has blues and whites …)

Then, synthesizing: Your solution may be one or even the opposite of it, it depends on your purpose, on how you want the rug to “work” in the environment. There is no answer always right without understanding the purpose you have in mind. Thinking about it you will find YOUR carpet!