Decoration – a Corner to Work from Home

Taking work home is more and more normal:(just like going to the office only a few days a week And also simply making a corner of the house your office is by necessity or hobby…Whatever the reason, it is better than this (And, most importantly, important observations!) To make your working corner a corner of pleasure.

1) A very simple corner, that does not serve to stay long (it is not ergonomic at all, pay attention!), Just to see the last emails of the day… 2) Another corner that has a good light, a chair Better, but not yet so comfortable, and the lamp is not ideal (not really, imagine it lit and you want to read something on the monitor!), Although beautiful. 3) The corner is great, the shelves simple and work out, the table very good… The Ant chair is that you can not, right?

1) That is a chair to work, especially with a computer, see? It has arms (which I hope are of adjustable height), support for spine and neck and good height in relation to the table. I liked the enclosed cabinets with this open area in the middle-gives lightness. 2) Again a beautiful chair that does not fit to work on the computer. The wallpaper and the shelves are easy and beautiful solutions. 3) I liked the cabinet next to the table, the beautiful rustic table (which seems a bit high), the picture on the wall, the shelves and the lamp. I do not need to talk about the chair anymore, right?

1) This little corner is fancy, is not it? Note that the combination of the rustic table and the classic chair is very interesting. The space next door (note the black background, cool) and below the window was very well taken advantage of. 2) A good idea for that space below the stairs, but do not use this chair! 3) These shelves are simple, cheap and light. A good idea, coupled with the lightness of the glass table and very fine feet. The cabinet with adhesive (or fabric? Or painted?) Reinforces the relaxed style of space … I will not speak of the chair again no…

Now look: 3 environments perfect to work for a good period: Chair, desk, lighting, color, monitor height, okay right:

Believe: Investing in a good chair to work mainly using a computer is the expensive one that comes out very cheap: you will not ruin your spine (or that of your child), you will be able to work much longer and will leave the whole journey!